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Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

Normally, people tend to buy vacuum cleaners without much emphasis on extra features. As long as the vacuum captures dirt, dust or debris so well, they’re good with it. However, there are some though that are meticulous when purchasing vacuums. Here comes the Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner for example. This vacuum is good when you have pets at home. It can be used on all floor types. Given its incredible features, you can imagine what this vacuum is capable of.
Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner
Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • With powerful pet hair pickup
  • Introduces root cyclone technology
  • Comes with ball technology
  • Quick to empty
  • Brush bar is motorized
  • Has clear bin
  • Brush can be fingertip controlled
  • Has mini turbine head attachment

Improvised technology

The Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum Cleaner is a powerful and improvised vacuum. It is flexible to different floor types such as carpet, wood, tile, laminate, etc. This vacuum cleaner introduces the Root Cyclone technology which makes the suction power consistently amazing. It also comes with the Ball technology which helps you steer smoothly with just a simple turn of your wrists. Its low center of gravity makes it way easy for you to steer and turn corners.

Quick Control

This vacuum cleaner despite the improvement maintains ease of use and control. This has been carefully designed to make it work perfectly and so as the suction power doesn’t go out of control. This vacuum has a fingertip brush control feature. You just have to touch the button and the brush bar turns on or off. This model is typical for pet lovers and owners.  This one can endure pet hair and still make your surrounding hygienic. Its mini turbine had attachment captures pet hair and dirt from areas that are hard to reach such as those in the stairs, upholstery, car and the like.  The vacuum’s bin is made of transparent material so you will see when it gets full and needs emptying. In addition, the independent brush bar adds up to its excellent cleaning performance.

Advantages of using Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Powerful. When buying a vacuum we would always ask ourselves how much work it can do for us. We are greatly influenced with the price and the ability of the vacuum. This is just about right. We have to know what the product has to offer before investing. This vacuum cleaner would be valuable to those who have pets in their respective homes.
  • Automatic hair pickup system. Pet hair and dirt is now easy to cleanup. With the improvised technology and easy controls, you sure can make a good job done. Unlike any other basic vacuums, this one is way better.
  • Consistent suction power. You don’t have to fear that the vacuum loses suction soon as this has been one of the focus in producing this product.
  • Extended cord. It is easy for you to clean from room to room without unplugging then plug again since it comes with a longer cord.
  • Anti-allergen. You don’t have to fear getting allergens as this vacuum is hygienic and quick to empty so as to minimize dirt build up.

Disadvantages of using Dyson DC25 Animal Ball-Technology Upright Vacuum Cleaner

  • Unstable motor operation. People would always have the mentality that products with expressed disadvantages are undesirable. No matter how good a product serves to you, you will always find flaws on it and look for something better. This Vacuum Cleaner is a good catch for people with pets at home but there are drawbacks. The ball inside the motor makes you feel like steering a wheel barrel.
  • Lengthy cord. The cord is long enough that it can mess up with you when you go from one room to another.
  • No stop button. Attachments don’t have a stop button on the body of the vacuum so you have to keep up with it.

Nonetheless, the Dyson DC25 Animal vacuum cleaner is a good catch. The cons laid before you don’t really outweigh the pros. It’s a matter of acknowledging the cons so you will be guided if you decide to buy one.

Dyson DC25 Animal
$349.00 from Amazon

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