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Dyson DC24 Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Dyson DC24 Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner is compact and ultra-light weight. It has a handle that can be compressed making it easier to be stored in even tight places. It has a ball that allows easier steering of the unit. The vacuum cleaner has the capability of cleaning all types of floor and included in the package is a wand that is reversible which can be used to clean the stairs and other places that are hard-to-reach.
Dyson DC24 Ball
Dyson DC24 Ball Multi Floor Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Dyson Ball Technology
  • Upright vacuum cleaner
  • Root cyclone technology
  • Brush bar that is motorized
  • Can be used as an effective vacuum cleaner for all types of floor
  • Wand that is reversible
  • Includes HEPA filter
  • Certified to be asthma friendly
  • Has handle that is collapsible which is responsible for compact storing
  • Has warranty of up to 5 years for both labour and parts
  • Its measurement is 13-2/3 x 43-2/7 inches

Most vacuums depend on bags in order to trap the dirt and dust, which in the long run can be a cause of clogging of the tiny holes that can be seen in the bag. There are also other vacuums which they call themselves bagless but work similarly as those that uses bag.  These ordinary bagless vacuums use a filer which is centralized that has the main responsibility of trapping fine dust can also have the tendency of being clogged. The suctioning capacity of the vacuum will then fade and the vacuum will no longer work as it should, it will just leave all the dirt and dust around your home.

The Dyson DC24 uses the Root Cyclone Technology which doesn’t depend on a bag in order for the vacuum to trap the dirt and dust in your home. What it does is it spins the air in an extremely fast manner which then gets the dust and dirt out of the air and has it go straight into the clear bin that it uses in replacement of the bag that regular vacuums often use. Included in the dirt and dust that it can capture are the fine dust that has the capability of restricting the airflow which in turn do not cause loss of suction in the machine.

A common upright vacuum uses wheels that are fixed. The Ball Technology is the solution that Dyson has thought of in replacement to the wheeled vacuums which can cause you to work harder most especially that using a wheeled vacuum is known to be hard to use. With Dyson, the vacuum will instead ride on a ball which swivels on itself in order for you to instantly revert to a different direction when needed without too much effort needed.

The common vacuums don’t always have the capability of retaining the dust that they remove which is the main reason why they vent some of those dust that they were able to collect back to where they got them and in the air. This is the main reason for the electrical and dusty smell that you may notice. The Dyson cyclones have the ability of capturing the microscopic particles which may include mold, bacteria and pollen.

The unit can be carried easily and can be easily stored. The size may be small but it is very durable due to the fact that the materials used in this vacuum are the same ones that were used in the creation of riot shields as well as crash helmets. Its performance on the other hand is comparable to that of the Dyson vacuum which is full-size.

The wand which is included in the package is reversible which is why you will be able to reach hard to reach areas easily; it is also designed in such a way that you can easily get a grip of the wand. The different tools which are included in the package click-fits to its end allowing you to have more options in order for you to clean hard to reach places or those that are high. The emptying of the bin is just easy, quick and at the same hygienic. You just have to press a button and you can already release the dirt from the bin.

Dyson DC24
$399.97 from Amazon

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