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Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Refurb Canister Vacuum Review

The Dyson DC23 Turbine head is a prevailing canister type of vacuum which was specifically designed and created for all-around performance. It features the Dyson Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology which is considered as the most competent technology which is used in order to capture even those types of dusts that can’t be seen by the naked eyes, the microscopic ones. Its turbine head denotes to the brush bar which is air-driven which has the capability of spinning for up to 90 times every second which is why the Dyson DC23 Turbine head was considered ideal for cleaning the short pile and medium carpets. You also have the option of turning it off in case that you will be using them on hard floor as well as other surfaces which are delicate.
Dyson DC23
Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Refurb Canister Vacuum Features

  • Dyson Level 3 Root Cyclone Technology
  • Turbine Head
  • Swivel Cuff handle
  • 120V and can only be used in the US

The Dyson DC23 Turbine head includes an adjustable wand which is lightweight. It also has an extension tube which has the capability of adjusting to your desired length and at the same time is sealed which allows the maximization of airflow as well as increasing of the suction using the floor tool. Also included in its features is a handle that is detachable which will make you have the ability to fit the tools directly into the end of its hose in order for you to clean hard to reach places. The Dyson DC23 Turbine head also has a cable remind system that is smoother allowing the increase in the torque making it faster than it used to be and is making it less likely to catch on different obstacles.

The unit is especially designed so that you can have it sit on the stairs of your house. While you are vacuuming the stairs, it can sit directly into the stair allowing you to clean them easily. Its clear bin which is made from tough polycarbonate materials will allow you to see if the bin is already full and you already need to have it emptied. It is also hygienic due to the fact that since it is very quick to be emptied, it minimizes your instance of getting in contact with the dirt.

The Dyson DC23 Turbine head was manufactured using the strongest plastics available which can endure bruises and bumps which can be encountered by your vacuum while you are cleaning your home. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America has given a certification to the product for being allergy and asthma friendly to people. Also included is the lifetime HEPA filter therefore, you will not need to buy any bags. The unit is also known to have no loss of suction just like all the other vacuums manufactured by Dyson.

All of the Dyson refurbished vacuums have been cleaned out, stripped down and reassembled. Thorough testing was conducted on the product in order to ensure that it will work well according to your needs. Dyson made sure that all of these units have been restored to a condition which allows it to become fully functional making them just like the brand new Dyson vacuum cleaners that you can find in the market.

Dyson has decided to have the vacuums that were returned to them by their consumers and retailers for economic reasons, they want to ensure that instead of having them disposed, and the parts together with the other materials are being re-used instead of having them go to waste. Once a machine has been deemed to be part of the batch that needs to be refurbished, Dyson ensures that the unit will be stripped down to its core. Components are then removed from the machine and those that are deemed to be of the same quality standard that they use for their other brand new units are then thoroughly cleaned and kept. Those parts which are deemed to be either broken or damaged are sent out for them to be recycled. The main part of the machine is thoroughly cleaned and brand new parts which are needed are then added as a replacement to the old ones which are broken. The unit comes with a 6-month warranty period that covers its labour and parts.

Dyson DC23
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