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Direct Drive Garage Door Opener Review

If you want to incorporate a door opener that comes with Europe’s leading technology then you should definitely go for Direct Drive garage door opener. The Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor is one such garage door opener that does not use noisy belt, chain or screw. It has just one moving part with no moving belt or chain meaning that you will have to worry less about those parts breaking down or making awful mechanic noises.

The motor will smoothly glide along the stationary chain without making a mechanical noise. This stationary chain is embedded on s steel chain that is sturdy and durable.  This is why the Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor garage door opener has been deemed as one of really quiet garage door openers by all. The chain is loaded with spring and thus saves you from worrying about the chain sagging down.
Direct Drive Garage Door Opener
There is a high sensitive sensor that can detect internal obstacle and the safety sensors are constantly working to monitor each and every kind of movement. His will help you to ensure that you are enjoying highest level of safety from your garage door.

The motor used in Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor garage door opener is really powerful and provides maximum lifting force for any kind of doors. The technology used in Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor garage door opener does not require any kind of maintenance and this makes this garage door opener long-lasting and extremely robust and durable.

The features of Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor garage door opener is as follows-

  • This garage door opener is made in Germany and uses revolutionary technology
  • The Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor provides enough strength to lift with maximum force
  • It is well equipped with strong, robust and durable chain drive
  • It is really ideal for you if you have adjacent living space as it is really quiet than other garage door openers
  • Its rail length can be installed up to 8 feet tall garage doors without help or assistance any kind of addition extension kit
  • It comes with remote controls with 2 button
  • Comes with a safety sensor that is really sensitive and can sense and detect obstacles in order to ensure you the highest level of safety
  • It is compatible with vehicle remote control system
  • It is easy to assemble and install and the installation does not take up much time
  • You are not required to use any kind of lubrication or maintenance
  • It starts softly that helps to relieve the stress from garage doors
  • You will just need one and half inches of clearance for installing this garage door opener
  • Comes with a life time warranty
  • It is quieter than belt drive door openers

The complete set of feet tall garage doors comes with

  • The door opener
  • Rail for seven to eight feet garage doors
  • 2 Two-button remote control
  • Photo eyes

The PROS of Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor

1. It comes well packaged.

2. All the items are packed separately in order to help you with the installation process.

3. It is relatively easy to install and is well designed

4. The German technology that is used in this door opener is amazing.

5. The parts fit perfectly with one another and you will not have to struggle with joining one part with another.

It operates smoothly and does not make much noise.

The main part of this door opener will last long as they are made from high quality stainless steel.

The CONS of Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor

1. If the graphics in the instruction manual had been better then it would have helped more.

2. Some of the plastic pieces look cheap even though they work well.

3. The wall opener button looks cheap too.

4. You cannot open the ‘eyes’ to change wiring.

5. It operates smoothly but slowly

6. The keypads for Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor are sold separately.

The solid German engineering used Direct Drive ¾ HPS motor deserves all the praise for its technology. It is really quiet and you will not get disturbed while using this garage door. It is reliable and durable as well. As the motor moves along a spring tensioned stationary chain, you will not be awakened from your peaceful slumber or be disturbed in your study when someone from your house decides to take the car out or comes in.

The best part is the noiseless mechanism. It is so quiet that even a toddler can sleep through the complete process. This will give all those belt driven garage door openers a run for their money that has earned fame for being quiet. The motor is also silent and will not even give a squeak when it lifts up an eight feet tall garage door.

Some people have problems regarding its operation as it is slower than other garage door opener and it can be quite frustrating in time of hurry. However, you must remember that one cannot have all the good things. And the even though the doors might open or close a bit slowly, it ensure safety for you and your family with its protection system and also ensures that you will not have through go through any kind of noise pollution. Furthermore, you will not have to lubricate any of its part or have to worry about having to go through the maintenance costs.

So all in all, this is a good bargain for those looking for a smooth performing and noise less garage door opener.

Direct Drive Garage Door Opener
$240.00 from Amazon

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