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DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw Review

DEWALT DWM120 10Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw is versatile and durable. It features strong 10amp motor power with different speed control in definite materials and specific applications in cutting. In addition, it offers LED sight which indicates an ergonomic gripping option, cut line, and integrated hand hooks, it works horse saw are packed with tiny details that makes your work a lot simpler. The standard tooth cutting tool is excellent for smoother and finer cuts in every kind of wood but it’s not advisable for use in sawing. Basically, the more teeth being used in any cutting blade, a finer and smoother cut could be obtained, however it would cut slower.
DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw
Product Features:

  • 10amp motor made with control to endure any job site applications
  • 5 inches deep cut capability for a rectangular stock
  • Useful steel shroud along with rubber bumper that permit guards to endure jobs site abuse with no damage
  • Includes hang hooks that let the users to suspend the saw exclusive of damage in front of handle or casting
  • LED sight lights that let the user see the cut line inside the dark job site surroundings
  • Changeable speed dial that lets the customer to contrast speed in particular materials and different applications
  • Multi-positions modifiable large front grip gives the user ample of space in the hand for precise cuts
  • Better balance and ergonomic that let more precise cuts and fewer user exhaustion
  • Double bearing blade roller guide that increases durability of its blade support usage
  • Blade tracking modifications that boost the blade life through giving an enhanced blade tracking
  • Robust and adjustable materials guide that lets the customer to regulate different job site materials
  • Ergonomic flexible grip back touch that offers comfort in usage
  • On the surface replaceable brush that allows fast repairs and restoration on the job site
  • Clanging blade lever that loosens blade tensions which lets blade to change

Speed Control

Credit to the 10amp motor made to endure strong jobs, the DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw finishes easy cut without being bogged down. This can do speed that ranges from 100sfm to 350sfm. It contains variable speed dials as well that lets you to easily and quickly choose the ideal speed for every application. The versatile depth cuts of this portable and convenient band saw of DEWALT DWM120 provides 5 inches capacity to work with stock round and 5x 4 to 3/5 inch capability if working with the rectangular stocks

Durability and Simplicity

DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw contains adjustable and durable materials guide that lets you have the same for maximum performance if working through a range of materials, as comfort LED lights that let you sees things clearly in dim areas. The other features which contribute to the saw’s durability includes its incorporated hang hooks that let you suspend the saw with no placements up or down. The useful steel shrouds plus the rubber bumper let the saw guard to endure job sites abuse

Maintenance and Enhanced Blade Life

This handy and convenient DEWALT DWM120 band saw precise blade track adjustment improves the blade alignment plus lessens its wear, thus resulting in augmented life of the blade, as the binary bearing blade roller guide increases durability of the blade supports system to the entire dependability. If it does go with them to turn off the blade, the saw changes its lever and loosen the tensions to make changes in the blades to be more comfortable. Additionally, the saw feature an external replaceable brush that let you make easy repairs each time you need it.

Ergonomic Aspects for Accuracy and Comfort

Easy grip is vital part in a saw performance. A DEWALT DWM120 portable and handy band saw includes the multi-position and oversized front grip that gives a lot of easy adjustability and hand space, thus you could attain right grip and gains more precise cuts. The ergonomic back grip and saw well balance body contributes as well in improved comfort plus it lessens stress for the person using it.

DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw Pros and Cons


  • DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw gives you a lot of advantages and benefits since it has all the features that you want for a good quality.
  • It would serve the purpose of a band saw as one durable and heavy duty cutter for the woods.
  • The product would never ever fail your expectations. You could take this tool wherever you want to perform your own wood working tasks and take it anywhere you go.


  • Damage and rust is very possible to occur for this convenient saw tool. The maintenance of this tool should be considered and if you would like the product to last and stay in your tool kit for a long time, be sure that you check it often, change the blades when worn out and apply lubricants in the parts that move during an operation to keep the smoothness of wood cutting works.

Mentioned above is the detailed product specs info that you must know about the DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw. The product is also being backed up by the company’s 3-year warranty package, which includes a free service and 90 days guarantee for your money. As you know, it is vital and needed that you have info about this tool from its teeth, blades, and other features. Wide blades are more stable, along with that it gives you straight cuts. When the blade is narrow enough, then you will be capable to cut tight radius. Keep in mind that when you opt for a band saw blade, consider what specific job you will use it. When you are to become happier with portable one, then you must learn how you can opt for the finest band saw tool to your advantage.

The last yet completely the most excellent feature of the product is the ergonomic design made for user’s easiness and equipment’s function precision. With the design, this amazing tool includes the multi-position grip in the front. Moreover, the user may easily regulate the blade when he ought to adjust the cutting dimension of the woods. DEWALT DWM120 handy band saw tool is finished with the most recent technology plus the new advancement for tools these days.

This DEWALT convenient band saw tool simply contain five reviewers on the Amazon site. All of the five reviewers rated this tool with a 5-star rate. This means that the tools are actually high performance as well as worthy of your cash. Every customer and reviewer states that they’re so contented with the performance and value of a DEWALT DWM120 Portable Band Saw.

$285.99 from Amazon

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