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DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw Review

Circular saws come in many different styles and performance but a lightweight circular saw like the DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw is a saw preferred by DIYers nowadays especially lightweight circular saws that perform well and has great style and features. Only a few circular saws are great performing and lightweight but this DEWALT circular saw is one of the few.
DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw Features

  • 15 Amp 2,200 MWO motor
  • 56-degree beveling capacity
  • 45 and 22.5 degrees  stops
  • lower guard design
  • carbide-tipped blade
  • blade wrench
  • 9-1/2 pounds
  • Measures 16.13×12.13×9.50 inches

Heavy Duty Performance in a Lightweight Package

DIY projects may not be full-blown projects but these projects are also very challenging to DIYers. This is because projects like that also require time and effort which is why DIYers really look for a circular saw that offers heavy duty performance. The DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw can offer heavy duty performance because of its 15 Amp 2,200 MWO motor that’s able to deliver a very powerful torque. With such great power as that, it is not impossible for a person to cut through the materials for his or her projects very smoothly and easily no matter what the material is.

But one look at this DEWALT saw would make a person doubt its heavy duty performance. This is because of its size and weight. This DEWALT saw is not a big saw as it only measures 16.13×12.13×9.50 inches as well as it is not that heavy weight because it only weighs 9-1/2 pounds  compared to other heavy circular saws. Its weight is one factor that makes the saw very convenient to carry around and makes working with DIY projects stress-free. The weight of this circular saw is not a compromise to its performance which is why it is known to offer heavy duty performance even with such a lightweight design.

A heavy duty circular saw matters a lot to most DIYers as it contributes a lot to the good results of their projects. On the other hand, a lightweight circular saw is also something that they would love to own to make DIY projects a fun and a stress-free task.

Pros of Using DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw

  • It runs smooth.
  • It has a good line of sight which is why it is capable of making nice straight cuts easily and accurately.
  • It is a well-balanced circular saw.
  • It doesn’t bog down on any of the cuts.
  • It comes with a lower blade guard feature that seems to be designed differently so that it never gets hung up in the material.
  • It comes with a case storage for the blades for easy storage.
  • The storage case for the blades is hard and sturdy and keeps the blades inside safe and in good condition so their quality is not affected.
  • It may not have the same power as other bigger saws but it is not underpowered. It’s got lots of torque and feels fairly substantial because of its 15 amp power.
  • This circular saw is easier to handle and easier to control even when cutting in non-conventional positions because of its light weight.
  • Setting up the depth or angle and as well as changing the blades are easier compared to other circular saws.

Cons of Using the DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw

  • One of the main design flaws of this circular saw is mostly a flaw to left-handers because this saw seems to be designed and made for right-handers. Left-handers may have a hard time using this saw or even be at risk to accidents if they are not careful.
  • Start-up feels a bit rough compared to other models and brands of circular saws.
  • Even if it is a heavy duty circular saw, it does feel a little low on quality. It feels less durable and it makes one hesitate to use it for heavy duty DIY projects.

Overall, the fact that the DEWALT DW368 Lightweight Circular Saw is a heavy duty saw in a lightweight package is something that serious DIYers would love in this saw. However, this saw may not be for serious DIYers who are very meticulous about the saw’s feel of quality.

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