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DEWALT DW368 Heavy Duty Lightweight Circular Saw Review

The DEWALT DW368 Heavy Duty Lightweight Circular Saw is another great product from Dewalt and a must-have tool for homeowners.  This tool weighs only 9-1/2 pounds and comes with 16.13 inches length, 12.13 inches wide and a height of 9.50 inches. This tool also looks stylish and high end despite its compact and lightweight size as well as it is also known to perform better. This is not a surprise since Dewalt makes tools that are truly high performance. Dewalt has already made a name in this industry so you can expect that even their smallest tools are equipped with power. This tool is designed not only for the sake of good looks but also for comfort. The package includes the saw itself, a carbide-tipped blade and blade wrench.
DEWALT DW368 Heavy Duty Lightweight Circular Saw
Product Features

The DEWALT DW368 Heavy Duty Lightweight Circular Saw has interesting features like the:

  • 15 Amp 2,200 MWO motor. This feature is responsible for this tool’s amazing power. Its motor is indeed powerful enough to be used for whatever applications. This feature is what makes this tool a small but powerful tool.
  • 56-degree beveling capacity with 45 and 22.5 degrees stops. This feature allows you to create aggressive bevel cuts as well as the feature allows you to quickly and easily locate common angles.
  • Clear line of sight feature and a lower guard design feature. These features are responsible for creating accurate and perfect cuts using the saw. The clear line of sight feature allows you to see the blade from any angle so mistakes are reduced and the lower guard design feature is response for the improved performance of this tool when it comes to making bevel cuts and cutting shims.
  • Magnesium shoe feature. This feature is responsible for the increased durability of this tool. In other words, this magnesium shoe design feature not only contributes to the good looks of this tool but also to its durability.

Product Review

The DEWALT DW368 Heavy Duty Lightweight Circular Saw never ceases to remain as user’s favorite when it comes to circular saws. Almost all homeowners who are looking for a tool that could help them perform excellent woodworking tasks at home has their eye on this tool because of its wonderful set of features and guaranteed good performance despite its compact and lightweight design.

This circular saw runs smooth, has a good line of sight, feels well balanced and doesn’t bog down on any of the cuts as well as the lower blade guard is designed differently so that it never gets hung up in the material. It’s got lots of torque to make nice straight cuts even for DIY woodworkers. With the saw, it is also not impossible to make very long straight cuts through plywood and it can even go through a 2×4 in about 1.5 seconds. It zips through wood in no time because it is a fairly light saw and it even has the ability to make angled cuts. In other words, this is a great saw that cuts through any wood with great power and accuracy and quickness so no matter what kind of material you are working with, the results are always guaranteed to be great.

Another thing, this tool is very easy to control and it even cuts in non-conventional positions. It is light and well balanced, which makes it very good for cutting windows into a wall in a board and batten sided house. Because it is lightweight it is easy to maneuver no matter how complicated your project is.

As a matter of fact, compared to other circular saws out there, the Dewalt is much lighter, more powerful, and has better sight lines to the blade. Other saws may be light and powerful but they usually lack better sight lines, which still compromises the accuracy of the cuts you make.

Another thing that makes this tool users’ favorite is the fact that it is easy to use. Its adjustment levers are easy to move and set, saving you time and effort when doing woodworking tasks at home. This also means you no longer need to hire an expert for repairs and projects, saving you money as well.

This saw is also designed not only for aesthetics but for comfort as well. It feels extremely comfortable to hold in your hand and because it is not heavy, it frees your hand from too much strain and fatigue after woodworking. The size is just right. In fact, most girls would love this tool because this has a great size and weight for all girls. Because it is compact, lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, powerful, etc. it can be used by girls too. If you are a girl, you don’t have to wait for your husband to come home in order to do repairs and perform minor projects for you.

However, this saw may only be best for home use and a minor project which is why this is homeowner’s favorite. Compared to other saws, this may not be a top of the line saw but it is already ideal for home projects you need to get done. In other words, you can’t expect it to do well in more rigorous projects, but it certainly is powerful enough to get your woodworking jobs at home done. It may not be fancy but it surely gets the job done for you.

Even for such a lightweight and compact tool, it is very durable. Its lightweight and compact design does not sacrifice some durability. It never lacked anything in the power department, and with the 15 amp motor, the saw still feels fairly substantial. In other words, it is light but heavy-duty.

And because it is heavy duty, most people would think it is heavy on the budget too. Fortunately, the DEWALT DW368 Heavy Duty Lightweight Circular Saw is a heavy duty product but with a reasonable price. It is perfect for those who need a circular saw but do not want to shell out the cash for one of the better ones out there  as well as for those who do not want to spend money on one that’s bigger but probably would not last that long.

$129.00 from Amazon

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