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DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver Review

The DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver is especially designed with a convenient design features and lightweight body. Some of its most distinguished features are LED lighting that is shadow-free; loading that can be done with just the use of one hand, and a belt clip where you can place the screwdriver for your convenience of bringing it anywhere that you need to. The screwdriver’s one fourth inch of chuck has the capacity of accepting bits of up to one inch. With a height of six and one fourth inches long and a weight of just 2.2 pounds, you can have the capability of maneuvering the driver easily even if the space is confined.
DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver Features

  • It uses batteries which are 12-volt max which has an initial maximum voltage of 12 volts when it is measured without any workload and has a nominal voltage of 10.8 when it is measured under workload.
  • It is especially designed in a way that it can fit even in areas that are tight; this is made possible by its lightweight and compact design.
  • It has built-in 3 lights which are LED which can provide you with the ability to see what you are doing without the shadows that can interfere with your work.
  • Its one fourth inch hex chuck can accept one inch of bit tips that can be done by loading it using just one hand.
  • A belt hook is included in the package for convenience as well as portability.
  • It has a warranty of up to 3 years
  • Offers a free service contact of 1 year
  • It is being offered with a 90-day money back guarantee
  • It weighs at 4 pounds
  • The item has a length of 13.38 inches, height of 9.38 inches and width of 3.31 inches

The DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver includes two pieces of battery packs which are lithium-ion. Each of the batteries is offering 1.1 Ah which also includes a wide variety of spinning settings as well as different speeds. It also offers an option for reverse.

With a length of only 6 and ¼ inches, the DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver is specifically designed in order for it to fit into small confinements where the normal and traditional screwdrivers in the market can’t go through. This kind of design will allow you to penetrate straight and at the same time will let you avoid any damage on the head of the screw from happening which are usually due to different driving attempts that are in angular position. With this kind of length that the screwdriver has, it will give you the ability of applying maximum leverage which at the same time lets you get the best out of the unit’s output which is 160unit watt. In addition to these, the DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver’s three pieces of LED which are radially mounted around its barrel will aid in lighting the area that you are targeting in order for you to get better visibility on what you are doing which in turn will enable you to perform a more efficient job.

With the unit’s weight of only 2.2 pounds which are evenly distributed between the unit’s battery pack which is compact and its body which is ergonomic, this is the main reason why this screwdriver is easy to handle and lift at the same time. Its chuck which is about ¼ inch can be loaded with the use of just one hand and has the ability to take bits which are up to 1 inch. Its other features included are the belt clip that is built-in, its wide variation of torque settings, reverse which can be used for added ease and the variation of speeds that you can choose from.

The DEWALT DCF610S2 12-Volt Screwdriver includes two pieces of lithium-ion battery packs that is both 12 volts where each of them has 1.1 Ah. The time for the battery to be recharged varies between half an hour to one hour. This screwdriver is being offered with a limited warranty of up to three years together with a free service contract of one year as well as a money back guarantee of up to 90 days.

Upon purchase, included in the package are the screwdriver, bag, charger, two pieces of lithium-ion batteries and the belt clip.

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