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DEWALT DCD775KL Cordless Drill Review

The DEWALT DCD775KL Cordless Drill is ultimately reliable and yet has a powerful drilling capacity. It is designed to be cordless to avoid hassles during work. It is supremely does heavy duty works and professional tasks. This hammer drill can deliver fast operation of work with marginal downtime. The dual speed range makes the task easier and faster to finish. It is using lithium-ion batteries that are long lasting but does quick charging. It is a user friendly machine. So this hammer drill is perfect for those who work professionally or for those who doesn’t.
DEWALT DCD775KL Cordless Drill Features

  • Lightweight design that decreases fatigue for the user
  • Compact design specially made to work in tight spaces
  • Offers dual speed range of 0-500/0 – 1,700 RPM and 0- 8,500/0 – 29 bpm
  • It has 1/2- inch chuck and 17 clutch settings
  • Weighs 4.1 pounds and it comes with two rechargeable batteries
  • Uses long-lasting lithium-ion batteries
  • Comes with free battery charger and kit box
  • Cordless powerful drilling machine
  • Have LED lights that provide illumination in narrowed spaces
  • Limited 3-year warranty plus has 90-day money back guarantee

Advantages in Using DEWALT DCD775KL Cordless Drill

  • If anyone wants to finish his tasks right away, then this would be the right choice. It’s powerful and fast.
  • The LED lights gives visibility or better lighting in dark areas.
  • This hammer drill is user-friendly and has a non-complicated design so that anyone can do the job right and easy.
  • Its feature of having dual speed range gives any person the convenience and making the task fast and with optimal presentation.
  • It is not heavy, so it doesn’t give a person extreme strains on the wrists or in hands allowing him to work all day long with comfort.
  • This is machine isn’t too big, its compact design permits any person to drill in tight and narrow spaces.
  • The batteries used in this unit are lithium-ion batteries that are certified to last long for increased productivity.
  • This unit is lighter and easier to hold compared to other models in the market and in online shops.
  • The clutch is easier to change compared to some brands.
  • Even if a person haven’t charged the hammer drilling machine, and left it unused or idle it doesn’t lose its power.
  • Comes with two free batteries, a hammer kit, and the charger.
  • Changing the gears is very easy and smooth that any person can do it.
  • It charges the batteries just within 30mins.
  • Batteries are environment friendly, so it is not hazardous once disposed.
  • High speed helping a person to drill holes a lot quicker and cleaner.
  • This hammer drill works on any kind of surfaces.
  • Power lasts longer than the other battery operated hammer drills.
  • Has flawless finishing touch.
  • Device isn’t easy to break.
  • Device is just worth the price a person pay for it.

Disadvantage of Using DEWALT DCD775KL Cordless Drill

  • This unit could have been more effective if the drill has a small holder.
  • The LED lights could have been more illuminated for better sight.
  • Its power grade and its performance is below average.
  • When used in higher speed, battery life decreases.
  • Too expensive for a small machine.
  • It has less than average in running or operating time.
  • Had limited warranty only.

Generally, DEWALT DCD775KL Cordless Drill is hammer drilling machine is a good product that one can recommend. Most of its consumer review are positive and has true enough that its features depicts optimal performance. It is a small machine that does big tasks. Has a flawless work finished and this unit provides quicker in actions. Nevertheless, it has some pros and cons but as an overall this hammer drill works efficiently well. It is a bit pricey but this small but terrible machine is worth the cash. It is light weighted and had a compact design even woman can use this easily with ease and comfort .This would be a drilling device that can be recommended to be used by either professionals or just ordinary person wanting to do some drilling.

$1,499.00 from Amazon

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