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DEWALT DC759KA 8-Volt NiCad 1/2 –Inch Cordless Drill Review

DEWALT DC759KA 8-Volt NiCad 1/2 –Inch Cordless Drill is a kind of cordless drill that is versatile. In such a way, it makes our work quicker most especially for driving as well as fastening tasks. This tool is easy to handle because of its high-performance motor, compact size and has a dual-range variable-speed control. Aside from these, it also has the ½ inch single-sleeve keyless ratcheting chuck that help lessen bit slippage. Actually, these are not what it can give and what you can get from this cordless drill. There are still a lot more. As soon as you continue reading this product review, you can know more about it since it will be discussed in further details.
DEWALT DC759KA 8-Volt NiCad 1/2 –Inch Cordless Drill Features

  • It has a compact design which tends to fit tight spots
  • It has a high performance motor
  • It has a charger that can fully-charged batteries in an hour
  • It has an available two 18 volts battery
  • It has a heavy duty kit box

Available in Lightweight Design for Comfortable Handling

This drill or driver is manufactured with an ergonomic grip for ease operating to help you obtain precise outcomes. Its balanced as well as mid-grip handle can make controls so easy. Aside from this, it can reduce fatigue most especially when doing some extended projects.

This DEWALT DC759KA is constructed with durability. This means that it is reliable to use this machine for operations even on toughest jobsites. Another thing that makes this drill convenient to use and store is that it is constructed with compact size.

Has Cordless Design for its Users

It is easy for you to carry DEWALT DC759KA because it does not have any power cord attachments. You can bring it from home to your construction site. You do not have to worry you cannot use your equipment longer because you can change your batteries anytime and get fully-charged in an hour. You can bring extra batteries so that as soon as the battery is empty, you can replace it with another one.

Advantages of Using DEWALT DC759KA 8-Volt NiCad 1/2 –Inch Cordless Drill

  • Its motor is so powerful and has a variable-speed control. As a result, it. This can provide adequate power for wider range of applications.
  • You can bring your cordless drill anytime and anywhere you want to because it can be operated through the use of a battery alone.
  • It has a three-year limited warranty, one year service contract as well as 90 days money back guarantee. It only means that the manufacturer of this product is confident enough that they have making available of the best products.
  • This particular product can be handled comfortably because it has an ergonomic grip feature.
  • It has a dual-range as well as variable speed control for the job specific applications. Tasks can be finished earlier.
  • It has a powerful 18 volts motor that can able to deliver 380 unit watts.

Disadvantages of Using DEWALT DC759KA 8-Volt NiCad 1/2 –Inch Cordless Drill

  • The batteries should be charged in advance so you can take out and use the equipment conveniently and easily during unexpected instances.
  • The battery is needed to be removed from the machine to charge it.

Now you have known everything you need to know about DEWALT DC759KA Cordless Drill. By now you have realized the importance of a French door refrigerator in your home. After knowing these important information you can already decide if you are going to buy this cordless drill or not. Well, if you have finally decided to buy the product, you need to bear in mind that there are a lot of websites who have the aim of persuading you to buy from them. However, you are not that pretty sure if the website you are viewing at the moment is a legitimate one or can give the right product you are looking for. So, be wise in choosing a website where you will buy your appliance.

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