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DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill Review

Versatility stands as the core of DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill. It has stood to finish all the operations you need to be done in a snap. With its superior functions, this drill will surely make every drilling task done with its power to fasten things in place. Its performance indeed makes a difference so there is a need for the consumers to take a closer look at what this simple device can do.
DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill Features

  • Powerful 18-volt design
  • Delivers 410 watts
  • Dual range variable speed control from 0-500/0-1700 rpm
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Lightweight design
  • Ergonomic grip for comfortable handling
  • Convenient LED lights to illuminate working space
  • Accessible operations
  • Cordless design

Versatile Design Delivering Superior Performance

DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill has the design to deliver maximum performance. It is made of a durable material to make sure that every task is done completely. With its material, one can be so sure that it will last longer than other drills available in the market. Add the fact that it is manufactured by a trusted brand DEWALT completely makes a difference.

On the technical side, this drill delivers a strong power that can reach up to 18 volts. The user can be sure that each task will be completed at a given time. More about giving a boost on its power is its ability to maintain a variable speed that can shoot up to 1700 rpm.

Aside from its overwhelming power, it has designs that are installed to make it more comfortable for the user to use the product. Long hours of working with the device will not hurt the user’s hand as it has an ergonomic handle. It means that the fittings of the handle perfectly made to suit the contours of the hand. It weighs just as light as 10. 2 pounds too. This even extends the working time of the user because of it comes light.

Using this type of drill will never really need specific skills. Even an amateur in the world of carpentry can benefit more with the device as it comes to have comprehensive controls. The one touch button which happens to be located strategically at the handle makes it easy for the user to change operations in a snap. Working in a dark space? This is never a problem with DEWALT DC720KA. It has built in LED light which lights up the working area making it more visible to the user.

More about this drill being a versatile device is its cord less make. This makes use of a rechargeable battery. Bringing the device wherever work demand is comes easy. In fact, you can just pull it out and have it working since there are no cords to mind. Transferring from one place to another comes with ease considering the absence of cords. One can just work even in places without power outlets as long as the drill’s battery is charged to fit the operation it is currently in.

Advantages of using DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill

  • It has a powerful motor that can deliver 410 watts making each operation easy to finish.
  • Its variable speed can reach up to 1700 rpm which means a faster range to finish every task in just minutes.
  • It has no cords to mind. This means that you do not have to deal with entangled cords.
  • Power shortage is never a possibility as it comes to be cordless and is supplied by a battery.
  • It is light in weight which makes it more convenient to use in different operations. You can carry it almost anywhere you wish.
  • It has ergonomic handle which fits right at the palm of your hands. You will never really be strained when making use of the device as its handle fits perfectly.
  • Working in dark conditions is never a problem since the device has its built in LED light to illuminate the working area.
  • Operations are accessible as the controls are located right at the handle where a single tapping touch can start it.
  • Easy to maneuver. This means that you will not find it difficult to start working with the device.
  • The material used for the drill is durable so it is expected that it will last long.
  • Solid drill with stable torque to maintain the operation.
  • Speed is triggered accurately that it will not lead to problems.
  • It is more compact and smaller than other brands.
  • It comes with a warranty that assures the user that there is enough help should there be some problems appearing after the device is bought.
  • It is an affordable drill yet has superb functions you would not believe the price.

Disadvantages of using DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill

  • Since it runs with a battery, there is a need to have spare batteries at hand when handling large workloads.
  • Longer operations will require you to watch out for the battery as it will lead to power shortage when drained.
  • Batteries may need to be replaced every month which is an added expense on the part of the user.
  • It does not come with a case. Storing the device will need extra case to avoid having it contacted by physical traumas like scratches since it comes unprotected.

Doing DIY projects is just easy with the help of DEWALT DC720KA Cordless 18-Volt Compact Drill. It comes with impressive performance which lets every project be done with ease. Ease of use is also an advantage with the use of this device as it comes to be light weight and is designed to provide comfort of use. Good news it is that though this product comes with overwhelming features, it is launched with an affordable price. There are just some hitches when it comes to the battery that is just manageable. Wrapping it all up, this device is a decent one to try for the various projects at home which needs a good working drill.

$1,499.00 from Amazon

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