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Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer Review

The Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer is made for bigger loads of baking. In other words, you can bake twice as the amount of baking you are used to make. That is why it is suitable used in baking in large crowds such as having birthdays, family gatherings and more. Of course, the Cuisinart products are well known to be of great quality. As a matter of fact, they have received the highest customer satisfaction rate with regards to their stand mixer. This all new stand mixer that is introduced in the market become a big hit among avid bakers. Through this all new level of stand mixer, the Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer model is the best for better control.
Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer
Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer Features

  • Comes in new heal inclination design in which you can manipulate easily.
  • With powerful speed options.
  • Engine with 800 watt motor function ability.
  • It has a great deep bowl size wherein it made of the finest material which is the stainless steel.
  • Its overall body design is made of die cast.
  • It has a timer that you can control and even manipulate at the same time programmed to turn off as soon as it reach its peak time.
  • With amazing accessories and attachments in an accessible manner.

The Appearance

The Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer is made from the strongest metal which gives great sturdy looks that can hold enough weight of mixing materials. Additionally, it has wide base support that gives better stability. Aside from that, all the mixer’s parts are very easy to operate as well as simply to manipulate. You can make your own adjustments whatever may please you. With this all new wide selection of colors available you can choose the elegant color you’re interested with. Apparently, they have different attachments and accessories available all the time for much better results.

Its parts and Functions

Generally, all the parts if this incredible mixer is working interdependently with each other. In fact, each one holds a great importance in order to produce great result as well in your baking. Here are the basic parts of these stand mixers.

  1. Head- it is created to be inclined in a certain angle so that you can tilt it instantly once you attach certain attachments to your device or when you are preparing the ingredients to mix as well as removal afterwards.
  2. Bowl- this comes in unique material wherein it is made primarily of stainless steel. Aside from that, its deep is definitely suitable for mixing purposes as to not cause enough mess in its nearby surroundings.
  3. Control panel- you can manipulate the timer according to your preference. In fact, it has approximately 15 minute timer in which as soon as it reaches to this level it will immediately shut down.
  4. Power outlets- it is subdivided into three parts: the high power outlet is used when you want to process the food instantly or do the blending, the mid power outlet is intended for juicer accessory and lastly the slow power outlet that is intended for meat grinding as well as in making pasta. All of the outlets can be found in separate locations of the stand mixer. Like for instance, the high outlet can be connected at the back portion, the mind will be at the front part of the mixer while the slow outlet is right in front of the mixer head.
  5. Dough hook- this makes the kneading of hands superseded.
  6. Whisk- its main function is to provide ventilation of the ingredients in order to raise its volume otherwise it can also slow down the process or vice versa.
  7. Flat mixes paddles- this promotes a scrupulous combination of all ingredients wherein even in the bottom part can be reached.

Pros and Cons of Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer

Generally, Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer is one of the most reported views when it comes to mixers. As a matter of fact, plenty of avid kitchen fanatics love to purchase this new model for it brings good results as well as its function ability is definitely great. Aside from that fact that it has a strong motor function, the accessories available are indeed very helpful in any of the kitchen tasks. In this review you will see the divided opinions with regard to the comments and reviews among customers. Here are the pros and cons of the product Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer:


  • The timer control is admirable because users will not spend more time in waiting up until the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  • The motor power is great since it can hold as much as bigger amounts of dough.
  • All the accessories can be safe to clean in a dishwasher.
  • It certainly has a long period of warranty.


  • The Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer produces loud sound.
  • The top cover is easy to remove once you’ve attached the accessories; the tendency is it might by accident slip off from the source.

Given the fact that the reviews of its customers stated, it will certainly help the company in the future to come up with a better outcome of their new products. As a whole, the Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer id absolutely wonderful and is very useful in the kitchen. Definitely, cooking and baking time will be enjoyable and full of excitement at the same time satisfied by what the result may be. Therefore, if you are interested in this new model of Cuisinart SM-55BC Stand Mixer you can grab one or simply visit the Amazon.com for more detailed information. Additionally, you will also be given user manuals for you to be able to follow instructions on the proper way of dealing with this kind of mixer. Apart from that, you can also get exciting and fabulous price discounts and exciting freebies by time you buy the product. Of course, the shipping methods as well as its accompanying fee can be negotiable.

Cuisinart SM-55BC
$349.00 from Amazon

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