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Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill Review

If you’re looking for a drill that’s handy and convenient, this Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill is a perfect choice. This is a compact and lightweight drill thus it is easy to use and maneuver. Its handle offers an ergonomic grip providing you comfort when drilling. This will fit for small projects or home to do’s. This compact drill has been designed to fit into tight spaces. The design if this drill is sleek and slim so it will just fit about anywhere possible. This is indeed useful mostly for simple home repair tasks and the like. This drill may not be as powerful as the regular drills but its lightweight and flexibility makes it a good drill. There are compact drills that come with cords but the cordless is more convenient since you wouldn’t need an outlet to plug the drill on the make it work. This drill just needs a 19.2-volt battery.

Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill Features
Craftsman 17310

  • Runs on a 19.2-volt battery
  • Has 24 torque speed settings
  • With 2-speed gearbox
  • With 24-position adjustable clutch
  • Has half-inch single sleeve chuck for quick bit changes
  • Lithium-ion battery lasts for hours on a single charge
  • With integrated LED worklight


Small as it is, this compact drill does a great drilling job. Its 2-speed gearbox allows perfect drilling and where there is a need for deeper holes. You will find this drill user friendly as it is easy to use and grip given its excellent design. The drill’s handle fits perfectly in small hands like those of women’s’ or kids’. It is unlikely for them to do the drilling since regular drilling equipments are quite heavy. With this compact and lightweight drill, they might think the otherwise. Being handy is a factor that makes the drilling speedy.


One of the amazing attributes of this handy compact drill is that it comes with a LED light. This allows proper illumination on the targeted area to be drilled. When you squeeze the trigger, the LED light right in front of the drill lights up. This makes it an amazing easy to use and powerful drill. In addition, this Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill chuck allows quick bit changes. Its lithium-ion battery lasts for hours even with a single charge only. The battery life, as some customers attested is spectacular as it charges so fast but gets drained only after how many hours of usage at that.

Advantages of using Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill

  • Handy. This compact and lightweight drill provides for extreme convenience. It perfectly fits in your hands and allows ease of maneuver when drilling.
  • Cordless. Unlike most drills, this one is cordless and is battery operated so you don’t need to plug it on and move in limited motion because of the cord.
  • With LED lighting. The lighting is for increased visibility of the area targeted for drilling.
  • With 2-speed gearbox. This 2-speed gearbox is intended for slow and perfect drilling of holes, and also fast drilling when there is a need for deeper holes.
  • Quick charging and long lasting battery packs. The batteries of the drill charges quickly and could last for longer hours.
  • Speed settings. One thing to look for in a drill is its speed settings. This drill has a 24 torque speed settings allowing drilling to be way efficient.
  • Adjustable clutch. The drill comes with 24 -position adjustable clutch that makes it easy to control when drilling.

Disadvantages of using Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill

  • The only drawback on this product by most customers is that you will have to charge the battery each time which would mean work stoppage when you will need to charge it. You can have spare batteries though that you can use alternatively when you have to charge the first set.

This Craftsman 17310 Cordless Compact Drill is finest when you don’t have to do a heavy-duty drilling. It is important to consider as to what surface you will use the drill on, whether soft or hard surfaces. This compact and lightweight drill work best in soft surfaces.

Craftsman 17310
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