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Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar Review

The Cordoba C5 is full-size acoustic nylon string classical guitar. This gorgeous classical guitar features a solid Canadian cedar top with a mahogany back and sides. It is a joy to behold and play which is why it is a best seller. If you’re looking for a classical guitar with a classic beauty, then this guitar may just be the guitar for you. It is handmade in a traditional Spanish style and features an all wood inlaid rosette, rosewood binding, hand-carved headstock, fan bracing system and bone and nut saddle. It truly is a sight to behold and an inspiration to play. The beauty of this guitar will only serve to further enhance your performance.

Anyone who is looking for a classic design will appreciate the lightweight, full-size classical styling of the Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar. The beauty of this guitar will be protected since it comes with a Cordoba gig bag so you won’t mar the finish or any of the detailed workings on it. This full-size classical guitar with 52mm nut width is ideal for any classical style of playing and is ideal as an introductory guitar or for more advanced players alike. It is just an all around beautiful looking and sounding guitar, which is probably why it is a bestseller.
Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar

This guitar isn’t just your ordinary run of the mill classical guitars. As part of the original Iberia series, it is handmade with traditional Spanish styling. Every detail on this guitar is something to behold. Anyone who loves traditional styling on guitars will appreciate the hand-carved headstock and fan bracing system. The bone nut and saddle accent the tones of the wood for a truly stunning combination. Add to that an all wood inlaid rosette and rosewood binding, this guitar really is a work of art. It’s gorgeous styling is sure to inspire budding guitarists and seasoned performers each time they sit down with the Cordoba C5.

The solid Canadian cedar top combined with the mahogany back and sides gives the Cordoba C5 rich sound and a warm round tone. When considering guitars, particularly classical guitars, the overall quality of the materials determines the quality of the sound. In this case, it is made of high quality materials and is capable of producing a high quality sound. Combined with the wood construction of this guitar, it features Savarez Cristal Corum strings in High Tension which allows it to produce beautifully rounded tones that fill a room with their warmth. Unlike steel strings, nylon strings allow the sound to fill a room and resonate because they vibrate the soundboard more due to their light build. Plus, the fan bracing pattern provides more surface area, allowing it to vibrate more effectively. The more responsive the soundboard isPlayers that are looking for a high value guitar out of the box will appreciate the thought and overall attention to detail that goes into the Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar.

Finding a left-handed guitar can be challenging for a lot of guitarists. Or at least one of this high quality at a competitive price. However, anyone who’s left handed and is looking for a beautiful classical guitar can rejoice in the fact that this is available in a left-handed model. Most left-handed models have to be custom ordered and it can be a real hassle for people who are looking to pick up a guitar and play just like their right-handed counterparts.

When you’re looking for a guitar with traditional craftsmanship, every small detail counts. With this guitar, you’re getting the full package in a handmade guitar. While craftsmanship may not seem very important in terms of the sound quality of a guitar, the quality of the sound really is dependent upon it. One very beneficial feature on this guitar (and all other Cordoba guitars) is the lightweight, two-way truss rod. This allows the guitarist to adjust the amount of relief in the guitar’s neck. The versatility this adds to the guitar is an outstanding feature. Players will be able to customize the guitar to their preferences and needs. It adds to the playability of the guitar as well as overall ergonomics and sound quality.

If you’re planning on using this guitar on the go, you may want to look into the deluxe gig bag. It will withstand all of the abuse you can put it through when you’re playing gigs or just bringing it along with you on your daily travels. It’s always nice to have a guitar with you. You never know when you’ll have an impromptu playing session with friends. The Cordoba C5 will be sure to liven up the room with its warm tonal qualities and beautiful features.

Since 1997, Cordoba Guitars has been leading the nylon string guitar industry and blending it with the traditional craftsmanship of the master luthiers of eras past with modern innovations. Every aspect of the C5 is informed by the rich past of the classical guitar and its traditional craftsmanship. Cordobas are known for being lightweight and responsive. They follow in the line of the Spanish tradition while at the same time pushing the boundaries of what is considered an acoustic guitar. It really is an exceptional guitar and would find a welcome set of hands in any classical guitar enthusiast. Too many guitars today cut corners on materials or construction. You can be confident this guitar is built to exacting standards using traditional craftsmanship and design.

All things considered, if you’re looking for a high quality full-size classical guitar, then the Cordoba C5 Acoustic Nylon String Classical Guitar will be a viable option. Because Cordoba places a high degree of emphasis on traditional craftsmanship, these guitars are constructed to provide lasting beauty. Even though these guitars appear traditional, they are actually leading the industry in terms of what defines acoustic guitars. While you might find other guitars that compete in one area or another with the C5, you’ll not find one that combines the high quality materials, craftsmanship and tonal quality at this price point.

Cordoba C5
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