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Chicco Cortina Travel System Review

The Chicco Cortina Travel System is a convenient way for fashion and safety to blend together, in order for infants through toddlers to be escorted about town.
Chicco Cortina Travel System
Chicco Cortina Travel System Features

  • KeyFit Infant Car Seat holds 4-22 pounds
  • 5-point harness
  • Side impact energy-absorbing foam liner
  • Removable infant support cushion
  • Stay put car seat base, adjustable with bubble level gauge
  • Cortina Stroller holds up to 50 pounds
  • Stroller seat has multiple-position recline with recline memory
  • Cup holders for child and caretaker
  • Removable hood
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • All-wheel suspension
  • One-handed fold down with automatic latch for storage
  • Under carriage storage
  • Car seat and stroller have coordinating hue and pattern, variety from which to choose

The Chicco Cortina Travel System was designed to attractively and securely provide transport for a growing child. This set comes with the KeyFit Infant Car Seat 22, which has the number one infant car seat rating in the United States. The base for this seat can remain secured in a vehicle, while the car seat can be transformed into a hand held infant carrier. The bubble level gauge allows for even place ment of the seat base. There is a spring-aided level foot, which helps the base snuggly fit with the slope of the vehicle’s backseat. The KeyFit Infant Car Seat has side impact energy-absorbing foam, a removable infant cushion, and a 5-point harness, for a safe trip in a vehicle. This car seat is also designed to firmly attach to the Cortina Stroller to form a hooded enclosure for infants.

The Cortina Stroller can accommodate children up to 50 pounds. The all-wheel suspension is meant to provide comfortable, travel for baby while caretaker is on foot about town. The stroller seat has many reclining positions, including flat, for the child’s comfort. The under carriage storage and cup holders help make running errands, going for a walk, or just going from here to there more convenient and enjoyable for both baby and caretaker. The style, colors, and patterns of both the stroller and car seat have baby and caretaker visually coordinated, while safely on the move.

How do customers feel about the performance of the Chicco Cortina Travel System?  Some of their comments help shed light on the pros and cons of this travel setup for baby.

The Pros of the Chicco Cortina Travel System

  • The gender neutral patterns are attractive and work well regardless of the child’s gender.
  • The system is very sturdy. The stroller is very durable. The stroller can handle a big dog being fastened to it for a walk with child and dog.
  • The seat fabric on the stroller and car seat is removable and can be machine washed. The fabric looks like new after washing (even on a set that is now being used on a third child). The quality of the fabric is superior to that of many other baby travel systems. The light colors of the fabric do not become dirty as easily as one might think.
  • The under carriage storage on the stroller is easy to access in most of the seat’s reclining positions. Two diaper bags and a big purse will fit into the under carriage storage.
  • The car seat does not take up a lot of room in the backseat. The car seat base is easy to install. The car seat can be easily strapped into a car without the base. The car seat can be easily fastened into the base and removed from the base. The car seat is not bulky or heavy. The padding seems to keep babies in comfort. The car seat harness can be easily adjusted in order to accommodate bulkier clothing on a baby.
  • The stroller is easy to assemble.
  • All four wheels have breaks on them.
  • This stroller did well on gravel even though it is not an all-terrain stroller.
  • This system is a great value for the price. From the right retailer, it can be found on sale or at a discount, for even more savings.
  • The stroller is easy to fold down. It remains upright after folding, which keeps it from landing on the ground if it is being folded outdoors.
  • The stroller handle is height adjustable.
  • The stroller can be steered with one hand.
  • The cup holders are brilliant.

The Cons of the Chicco Cortina Travel System

  • The stroller is on the bulky side. It is a bit heavy.
  • The hood could be a bit longer on both the car seat and stroller. The stroller hood does not have a viewing window.
  • The under carriage storage cannot be accessed while the stroller seat is in the flat position.
  • This stroller is not really suited for bumpy terrain.
  • The shoulder area of the stroller is rather narrow when the seat is in the full upright position.
  • The stroller handle can seem a little wobbly.
  • It seemed as if the construction of the stroller loosened over time.

Overall, of the thousands of customer reviews on the Chicco Cortina Travel System, customers seem to be more than satisfied with this system. Not only has it been widely recommended to friends and family, it has been passed down to them as well. It is not designed to be an all terrain stroller, but those who use it as intended seem to have very little issues with the design og the Cortina Stroller. Even those customers who did not feel that the stroller suited their needs well, felt that the KeyFit Infant Car Seat was well worth it. There are even minor alterations that can be done in order to rectify the undercarriage inaccesibility when the seat is fully reclined. Stroller hooks can be added from which to hang bags and such. As this baby travel set can be found at a discount through certain retailers, many customers have found this to be a safe, stylish, durable, and affordable solution.

Chicco Cortina Travel System
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