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Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy Review

Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy is the answer for the modern parents that are on the go. With its compact and portable style, parents would choose to have it. Not only has it served comfort for kids but also for parents too. This is a good option for active families who love to roam around the city or traveling abroad since they can bring this stroller with them even on the plane.
Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy
Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy Features

  • Recline seat
  • Better shade protection
  • Telescoping handles are retractable for taller parents
  • Great suspension
  • Seat Height made taller
  • Easy folding mechanism
  • Portable  and handy
  • Reversible seat
  • Adjustable seat back rest
  • Footbreak
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Light weight

Innovative Performance

The most common factor in choosing the best stroller is probably the comfort it gives to the person especially to the parent and the baby. Choosing this kind of model is a wise decision since this could give comfort to the child as it grows and to the parents as well. This is very useful since this could totally assist parents to carry their little one anywhere they go. The stroller has a great suspension on wheels and has an adjustable handle for short and tall parents.

It is easy to adjust from 34″ to 41″ from the ground to the handlebar and this keeps away taller parents from kicking its frame. This is also super easy to fold, lightweight, very compact and easy to steer stroller. Parents will be amazed from the many features of this stroller that they can get from it. No wonder this stroller stands out among other brands in the market right now. The adjustable style of this stroller makes it popular and in demand.

Meanwhile, the seat is also reversible that a baby can face the parent or the surroundings. It has a front swivel wheel that can drive around even in the tightest corners of the road.  It has also the ability to navigate even on a bumpier terrain like grasses, cobblestone streets, and also playgrounds.  If parents are trying to find for a very lightweight kind of stroller that can accompany them and their child every day in their hectic lifestyle which has many great attributes and can easily be pushed, the Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy is a great stroller to consider.

Advantages of Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy

  • Have extra room for some baby accessories and parents as well.
  • Unfolding is easy for parents who are in a hurry.
  • You can fit the Bee in the smallest trunks with lots of room to spare.
  • Comfortable and user friendly.
  • It has a Reversible seat.
  • It has a large canopy for sun cover.
  • Has a fabulous maneuverability for the comfort of strolling.
  • It can hold riders of various sizes.
  • It has an adjustable handle for easy grip.
  • The seat has a one-handed 3-position recline for comfort lying.
  • Has an accessible front basket for some baby items.
  • Front swiveling wheels for easy pushing.
  • Has a one step brake lock for safety.
  • Have 6 vibrant colors to select from.

Disadvantages for Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy

  • The stroller can’t be folded with just one hand while holding a baby.
  • It has a non-adjustable footrest.
  • Has no baby bumper bar.
  • Has no bottle holder or baby tray
  • Squeaky sound of wheels after a month of using.
  • Pricey stroller that some parent cannot afford to buy.

First, giving great ideas on choosing a stroller for different kind of lifestyle is hard. One must need to have different suggestions and also must consider the pros and cons before buying it. A person must need to get all the necessary facts and attributes regarding the products if considering this item for their babies.

Although there are drawbacks, a person also needs to consider the positive reviews and recommendations. Bugaboo Bee Stroller and Canopy has many good feedbacks compared to negative feedbacks when it comes to quality of the product. This could prove that this company only provides good quality products to their consumers around the world. This baby product is a good option for active families out there.

Bugaboo BBYEL
$649.00 from Amazon

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