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Broil King 987744 Sovereign 90 Liquid Propane Gas Grill Review

Broil King  it seemshas made a name for itself in the outdoor grilling world for quality grills in all classes but all delivering premium quality and dependable grilling results—all backed by superior customer service and a generous warranty.

The Broil King Sovereign 90 Overview

Seemingly the Broil King 987744 Sovereign Series is the grandest in a line of quality gas grills that delivers not only premium grilling, but comes with an advanced rotisserie system and the capabilities of an oven. This versatile gas grill with its generous cooking surface can handle anything from burgers to big birds to birthday cakes.

Cooking Grids

The series uses solid stainless steel cooking grids that are easy to clean and resist sticking, and hold up to heavy use and scouring. The grids offer a total 725 sq. inches of cooking surface, including a 450 sq. inch main grill surface, so feeding the crowd is never a problem.

The Burner System

This Broil King 987744 gas grill comes with 3 dual burner tubes made from stainless steel that resist corrosion and heat disintegration.  Their unique design ensures a consistent flame that provides even, efficient heat distribution.

The 44,000 BTU main burners heats the grill to 500 degrees in less than 10 minutes, while the 10,000 BTU side burner allows you to prepare soups, sauces and side dishes while you’re grilling. An 18,000 BTU rotisserie burner is hand lit to take care of all your roasting needs.

The Flav-R-Wave System

This patented cooking system produces the maximum quality heat distribution. This system protects the burners from excess drippings by vaporizing them and sending them “back” to the food as a smoky essence.
Broil King 987744
The Rotisserie System

The stainless steel rotisserie burner projects a direct flame through graduated ports running end to end to ensure consistent flames for superior roasting results and an appealing crispy outer sear. A stainless steel rotisserie rod is strong enough to hold an entire turkey, easy to clean and resists food sticking.

The Construction

The aluminum oven is “Therma-cast”—clad in steel to most efficiently retain heat while holding up to the elements.

Quality stainless steel is used for vital components and accented with zinc-coated steel clad in a baked on powder-coated epoxy paint. This triple coating ensures the highest resistance to corrosion.

The cabinet is enclosed to allow hidden storage of the propane tank and other grilling items you’d like to keep handy. Their sturdy, waterproof construction will keep all your stored items safe in any weather.

Heavy duty stainless steel locking swivel casters make this grill easy to move from place to place and then secure with the flip of a switch to lock it into place.

Extra storage space has been added to keep all your tools and seasonings at easy reach. These include hooks, shelves and full extension drawers, as well as the cabinet storage area.

A sleek handle on the grill lid never heats up—you can open the lid without fear of being burned.

An easy access tank drawer pulls out effortlessly to allow you to check on or replace your propane tank without bending or lifting.

What makes make Broil King 987744 gas grill a pleasure to use:

According to the company the Sovereign 90 uses trademarked Linear-Flow valves and Sensi-Touch controls that give you full control over temperatures and flame heights.

Its patented Sure-Lite system lights flames with the touch of a fingertip.

The trademarked Accu-Temp thermometer built reads temperatures with precision.

An oven light means late night grilling will never be a problem.

Features of the Broil King 987744 Signet 90 Gas Grill

  • 40,000 BTUs power the main grill burners.
  • A powerful rear burner with 15,000 BTUs for ideal rotisserie roasting.
  • Rotisserie kit comes with heavy-duty cast iron grids for cooking.
  • Features the unique “Flav-R-Wave” stainless steel grilling system.
  • An expansive 700 sq. inch grilling surface with a total of 450 sq. inches of main grill space and a 250 sq. inch warming rack.
  • Dual-tube burners (3) made with stainless steel that won’t corrode and patented “Flav-R-Wave” heating areas.
  • An aluminum oven clad in stainless steel using a patented method called “Therma-Cast”.


Shipping: 61.5 x 22 x 51 inches ; 148 pounds

Consumer Rating

3.6 out of 5 stars

Pros—customer comments

It can heat up to 700 degrees in around 15 minutes. It’s built in North America with quality construction that won’t fall apart. It’s very easy to control the flame height and temperatures so cooking a variety of foods are always customized. The rotisserie burner goes in in seconds and the controlled heat lets large roasts cook through without burning the outside.

Cons—customer comments

It’s very heavy and the packaging could be sturdier to get it through shipping without any damages. The rotisserie burner needs to be hand lit, which is a little inconvenient but necessary.


  • Broil King 64004 Grill Tools Set
  • Broil King 68488 Heavy Duty PVC Polyester Grill Cover
  • GrillPro 00150 Cast Iron Smoker Box


Lifetime: cast aluminum components.

5 years: stainless steel components and burning system, excluding Flav-R-Wave.

2 years: All remaining parts and paint.


For the features this is a well-priced grill. Shop it at Amazon.com. They update their special offers all the time.

According to the customers you can Count on the Broil King Sovereign Series to make your outdoor grilling a luxury experience. If your goal is to wow your guests and please your family you’d be hard pressed to find a better grill for the money. Whether you’re grilling burgers for the kids, steaks for your boss, or a rump roast for your parents, you’ll be proud of anything you serve off your Broil King 987744 Sovereign 90 Liquid Propane Gas Grill.

Broil King 987744
$849.00 from Amazon

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