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Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven Review

The Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven is appropriately called the Compact Smart Oven since it looks small for its size but packed with great features that you will never be able to find in an ordinary toaster oven. It has a convenient 0.6 cubic foot capacity which is ideal for cooking personal dishes and foods. It is perfect for a small family or a single individual that lives alone. You can cook foods with the best temperatures and the best time with its 8 pre-set cooking programs like toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies and reheat.
Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven
Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven Features

  • Measures 14.2 x 16.5 x 10 inches, measures 22 pounds
  • Moderately sized-oven interior that can toast 4 bread pieces at the same time and can cook a 12” pizza
  • Uses Element IQ that will cook food using 8 efficient settings
  • With a non stick coating for the oven interiors
  • With a function dial
  • With a temperature control dial  and a time dial
  • With a temperature conversion button
  • With a defrost button for frozen foods
  • With a large LCD display with backlit technology
  • Will remember food settings especially your personal cooking preferences
  • Equipped with an easy to clean pull out crumb tray
  • Exteriors are made of polished metal which will resist spills, drips and odors
  • Comes with an enamel baking pan and an enamel broil rack, you can also buy extra or replacement parts and accessories from http://www.brevilleusa.com.
  • Comes with a limited one year warranty

Heating Features

Heating and cooking features of the Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven make it the ideal kitchen cooking companion. The eight preset cooking programs make cooking and heating more efficient. Everything you need in a toaster oven is just within your reach with the Element IQ technology; you can toast, bagel, bake, roast, broil, pizza, cookies and reheat in just one toaster oven.

And have you ever heard of an oven that remembers? Breville can do that with often used adjustments, the oven easily detects your personal cooking selections. No need to push controls, turn dials and even press any settings, the Compact Smart Oven will do all these things for you.

Ease of Use

Cooking is simplified with the Breville BOV650XL. All you need to do is pop the food inside the oven and press the desired cooking setting from the LCD screen and wait for your food to be done. If you have used the oven for a period of time, it will remember your settings through its smart sensors. You may also use this oven for defrosting frozen foods, for reheating leftovers and for cooking or toasting bagels fast.

Cleaning up with the Breville BOV650XL is also a cinch. All moving parts like a non stick pizza pan, wire racks, baking pans and enamel broil racks are dishwasher safe. The inside of the oven is very simple to clean and maintain. With just a damp cloth and a dry one afterwards you can easily maintain the insides clean. The outside or the exterior on the other hand is also very easy to clean; the material is durable steel which can be wiped clean. This material also resists stains and odor making your oven spic and span!


The Breville BOV650XL is designed for any kitchen style. It is perfect for a modern kitchen but it can be a standout in a traditional style kitchen. The color will match any type of kitchen décor, wall color and lighting; you will never feel the need to hide or keep this portable oven in a kitchen cabinet or storage system.

The controls are perfect at the side of toaster oven and the dials are large enough even for small and inexperienced hands. The overall design of the Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven is one of the most impressive ones online. Many consumers loved the way that this small oven fits perfectly in their small kitchen as well as in a small area like an RV. You can take it anywhere and everywhere you would like to cook.

Pros and Cons of the Breville BOV650XL Toaster Oven


  • The Breville BOV650XL is the ideal kitchen companion for a small family or a single individual. It will cook easy to prepare meals with the slightest effort. The 8 settings are everything you need to cook efficiently, you don’t need any complicated timer and settings to prepare and create great tasting meals.
  • The Breville BOV650XL is the most practical way to reheat and defrost foods that would usually take too much time. Frozen foods are easily transformed into its natural temperature fit for cooking saving you a lot of energy and cooking time.
  • This Compact Smart Oven is very easy to clean unlike other oven toasters. With its removable crumb tray and wipe-clean surfaces you will save time and effort in cooking and clean up.
  • An oven that remembers your settings? This is a great feature that only Breville appliances have. You will save time and effort in determining the last setting you used when you cook in a traditional toaster oven but with the Breville BOV650XL you will be cooking in an instant.
  • Extra accessories are very easy to order at Breville’s official site. You can get extra pans, wire racks and cutting boards easily when you order online.


  • Many who have tried the Breville BOV650XL found that it was an efficient toaster but it is not an ideal kitchen appliance for baking cookies and brownies. Others found that the cooking settings were inadequate for their distinct cooking preferences.
  • The price is a bit expensive considering this is a small toaster oven.

Overall, if you have a small kitchen and a small home, this toaster oven is for you. It can perform cooking programs well but baking to a certain degree. It is easy to maintain and clean plus storage is a cinch since it occupies very little space.

Breville BOV650XL
$179.95 from Amazon

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