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Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer Review

The Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer is one of the finest electronic mixers on the market today that offers expediency in baking. Of course, this product is manufactured by one of the leading companies today which is the Breville. As a matter of fact, it is created to have fast speed to suit your convenience at the same time satisfies your expectation. Well, you knew that this company produces quality products alone so you won’t hesitate to try this new model. Rest assured that any baking habit you have today will bring into the next level of excitement.
Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer
Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer Features

  • It has a 12 speed setting regulator with a pause button.
  • With an LCD monitoring screen used for manipulating the timer, settings and other controls.
  • Elevated aid grip Mixer head for effortless handling as well as manipulating.
  • It has a weight perceiving technology which detects insufficient weight carriage.
  • It has well and protected motor function.
  • With easy release button for accessories detachment.
  • With easy storage of cords which is particularly located at the stern of the mixer.
  • It is pouring screen consists of two piece which protects against splashing and spillage.
  • It has fixed 5 quart size deep bowls for mixing is primarily made of strong steel with a locking button that holds the bowl in place.

The Appearance

As you can observe, the Breville products designed this spectacular stand mixer into a new level of expertise. In other words, the overall appearance is quite incredible and is truly conceptualized artistically. You can select from the various elegant colors available in the market today. Aside from that, the body is made from the finest strong material-the metal, which gives a sturdy outlook. Its base is designed to have a bigger stability. Furthermore, the bowl has enough deep sized to accommodate huge amounts of ingredients without causing spillage and mess. Apparently, it has an automatic lock button which holds the bowl in place and prevent from slipping. Of course, you won see any unnecessary things in the mixer itself. Like for example, the card you are using is well organized for you can keep it or place it at the back portion after using. Moreover, it has easy transport mechanisms wherein the handle is easy to lift.

The Accessories and its function

The Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer has different easy to use accessories. Like for instance, the scraper beater is so simple to remove as well as affix. Additionally, it can function for about 360 degree counter-clockwise rotational act that let mix all the ingredients well. On the other hand, you can manipulate the timer so that you can do other task apart from mixing. Of course, the good thing about this device is that it has a weight indicator accessory in which it will signal if there are too many ingredients in the bowl. Through this warning device, you will prevent your mixer from handling too much pressure once mixing is ongoing.

The Cleaning

The good thing about this magnificent stand mixer is that, it does not get yourself involved in too much cleaning. What it only means is that it only gives you hassle-free cleaning methods. Since it is purely made of stainless steel especially the bowl, you can easily put it in the dish washing or you can hand wash it accordingly. Additionally, the Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer is designed for easy cleaning. In fact, you only wipe its body with a soft and damp cloth because leftover foods will not trap inside the fissure of your device. Therefore, cleaning is not a big issue.

Support Materials

Of course, when you purchase one of the Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer model, you will be given the user’s manual as well as video guides to be used for further instructions. Generally, you can easily comprehend what’s inside the manual because the language is simple yet very informative. It might help you a lot prior to use. Aside from that, you can check the manufacturer website for further explanation with regards to the proper use of the products. In fact, they have provided their customers a page that will let you know more this kind of device.

Pros and Cons of Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer

Just like any other appliances in the market today, the Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer has different reviews which the customer’s experienced upon using. They have given enough comments upon the product. Below are the lists of the beneficial advantages with regard to Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer and its negative aspects also.


  • The Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer is furnished with 12 specific speed settings.
  • It weighs light for about 20 pounds maybe.
  • The bowl has the perfect deep so as to avoid spillage.
  • The accessories are easy to use and can be attached as well as remove effortlessly.
  • Easy cleaning method


  • The most common problem which accompanies in buying Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer is that the extra attachments or accessories are not available when you make purchases. Therefore, you need to wait for a long time before it will be available in the market.
  •  For some users, they tend to find the handle to be a hindrance once they will remove the ingredients from the inside.

In conclusion, Breville BEM800XL Stand Mixer is essentially the best selection you will make. This is because it gives you great satisfaction rate upon using and is easy to operate. If you are a baking enthusiast then this if your best partner in the kitchen. With just one click you can easily mix all your ingredients well without a problem. Therefore, if you are interested more and decide to make purchases you can check the available products at Amazon.com or any authorized dealer sites. Rest assured you can get exciting discounts and more reviews to read about the product. Definitely, you will totally love this awesome stand mixer on the market.

Breville BEM800XL
$286.77 from Amazon

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