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Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Review

This Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill is a type of drilling machine that makes all repair jobs simpler as well as faster. Whether you are going to fix little or a lot of home repairs, this cordless drill is such an affordable and a must-have tool most especially in driving screws, in drilling holes and can do other tasks starting sanding up to mixing paint.
Bosch PS31-2A
Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill Review Features

  • It has an improved LED light that can be utilized while you are in the working area
  • It has an available two speeds you can choose ( 0-350 RPM and 0-1, 300 RPM )
  • It has a 3/8 inch sleeve chuck that can accommodate 90 percent common applications
  • It has fuel gauge for convenient battery management
  • It is lightweight

Experience Light Weight Work

Using Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill is never a burden in you because it is cordless and lighter in weight. It can run longer and is powerful that can do all its jobs properly. You can able to carry this cordless machine anywhere to finish all kinds of your home repairs. You do not have to worry regarding tripping over wires or all about searching for electrical outlets.

Use Batteries to Work

Plugging into an electrical outlet is not needed to finish the task because it is run through the use of a battery alone. Make sure your battery is fully-charged before using the machine so you will have a longer time of using it. When it is already out of battery energy, you can replace it with a new fully-charged one. Continue the job while charging your battery separately from the machine.

Advantages of Using Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill

  • Cordless. This machine is cordless which allows you to operate it with convenience. You can also store it without worrying of the amount of space it can occupy.
  • Run by a battery. With the use of a battery, you can do all your repair jobs or renovation jobs in a day. You do not need to look for an electrical outlet to plug its cord and do your thing. Rather, you can immediately switch on the machine and then start drilling or make holes on woods.
  • Warranty. It has an enough time frame of free service. Suppose you encounter technical problems on your machine, you can contact the customer service number where you bought it and tell him what your troubles are all about. The customer service will do his or her best to extend your concerns to their assigned technicians.
  • Speed. It has a speed that could help you finish your job on time or even earlier than your deadlines. This also allows you to become versatile.
  • Voltage. This particular model of cordless drill has 12-18 range of voltage which makes it equipped in handling variety of demanding home improvements.

Disadvantages of Using Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill

  • You need to use a charged battery before you can continue doing the job. Suppose you already run out of battery, you cannot continue your job. You cannot plug it in an electrical outlet because it is cordless. What you can only do is to wait until your battery is full-charged.
  • Suppose you forgot to bring extra batteries with you, you still cannot continue doing the job. You need to be always ready so that tasks can be finished smoothly.
  • You must always bring your charger with you. Wherever you go, your charger must be with you. Once you forgot to bring it, then you need to face the consequences.

So those are the important details you need to know all about Bosch PS31-2A Cordless Drill. Suppose you have not well understood the product review, you can read it once more and highlight the benefits you can get from it. Of course, you should not neglect to take note its drawbacks. These drawbacks will not affect the performance of your machine if you will avoid them to happen. However, do not get so much affected from these drawbacks because they only have simple solutions and you know very well that you can overcome them.

Bosch PS31-2A
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