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Bosch PS21-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver Review

The Bosch PS21-2A drill is designed to be lightweight and compact but still powerful. The drill weighs 1.8 pounds and is ideal for individuals that may have longer jobs that need to be done. It is a 12 volt, two speed pocket driver that has enough power for larger jobs but small enough to be used for longer periods of time.
Bosch PS21-2A
Bosch PS21-2A Features:

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • 2 speeds
  • 2 times faster driving and drilling than other drills
  • Universal bit holder which works for common bits
  • 20 + 1 clutch settings
  • Torque adjustments for precise screw driving
  • LED light for illuminating work areas
  • 12 volts
  • Cordless
  • 2 Lithium ion batteries
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • 1 year warranty

Design and Features

The Bosch PS21-2A pocket drill can easily be used one-handed and has a 5.6 inch head length that gives it great balance and allows for users to have more control. It can easily be maneuvered into tight spaces and corners and the LED light makes it easier to see into those dark spaces.

Because of the design and compact size and like weight it is ideal for not only working in tight spaces but it is also ideal for using on longer jobs that have a lot of overhead tasks. It also has a soft grip handle which makes it more comfortable for users. Users agree that the Bosch drill is great for using continuously and is lightweight enough that it can be used continuously without getting blisters, cramps, or user fatigue. They have also found that the drill is well balanced and is easy to use.

Speed and Torque

The Bosch PS21-2A has a variety of speed options and clutch settings which allows for users to be able to drill precise holes. The drill can be used on wood, soft to medium bodied metals, and other materials. The drill can be used to drill through wood and 22 gauge metals or to fasten and drive nuts, bolts, and screws because of the 265 inch pounds of torque that it has available. It also has an adjustable clutch and can be switched easily from low gear of 0 to 350 RPM and a high gear of 0 to 1,300 RPM. Many users have found that the low gear is best used for driving screws and drilling in heavy duty materials. The high gear is faster than low gear and is best used for lighter jobs. There are also twenty other clutch settings that allow for users to make other adjustments so that they have the right amount of torque for different types of jobs.

Many users agree that for the size the drill has enough power to do a variety of jobs and that the torque allows for the drill to handle more than many traditionally sized drills can. Users are also impressed by the greater RPM range and that it allows for this drill to be used for different types of drilling jobs.

The drill also has a variable speed trigger that lets users decide the sped that they want to use for their different materials and jobs. It gives owners prime control over their drilling and driving and allows for them to start slow and then increase speed once the drill bit or screw are is firmly in the material. Users are consistently impressed with the speed in which the drill can effectively drive screws in while still maintaining a fast speed. Many drills will lose speed when used to drive screws into thicker boards or materials; however users of the Bosch have noticed that the speed is not affected.


Many users like the two ion batteries that are easily removed and recharged usually only taking around 30 minutes to be fully charged. Those that have purchased this drill and use it frequently have also noted that they can use for a continuous amount of time on a variety of jobs and the drill will last the entire length of the process and still have battery power left.


Although the Bosch PS21-2A drill is designed to use any bit some users have found that certain drill bits do not fit right and that the chuck does not hold the bits straight. This is because the chuck is designed for driving and some bits just do not fit right and will wobble. Different driving bits usually fit fine but many users are finding that drilling bits just do not sit right in the chuck. Even though some users have had problems with different bits fitting many agree that the chuck on the drill is great and that it easily fits a 1″ bit which other drivers may not be able to hold.

LED Light

Many users do not like the LED light as it turns on at the same time that the driver begins to spend but not before hand which makes it hard to see where they want to place their drill before they begin to drill.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Lots of torque
  • 12 volt
  • 2 lithium batteries
  • Batteries charge in 30 minutes
  • Great for Driving not so much for drilling
  • Variable speed control is great for different driving projects
  • Does not lose any speed when driving screws or bolts into materials
  • Great for continuous jobs in tight spaces
  • Cushioned/padded handle adds more comfort
  • Universal bit clutch


  • Does not do well with drilling
  • LED light does not turn on until the drill starts turning
  • Not all drill bits fit into the clutch but most driving bits do
  • LED light is not very bright

Overall the Bosch PS21-2A pocket driver is a great drill for the price. It is compact and lightweight and can be used continuously without user fatigue. It can effectively and efficiently drills and drive through different types of materials without losing any speed or power. It is designed to be used in tight compact places and the LED light is designed to assist with drilling in dark corners. However the LED light is does not turn on until the trigger is pressed and the light is not very bright.

Bosch PS21-2A
$100.98 from Amazon

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