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Bosch PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver Review

With the Bosch PS20-2A pocket drill, lighter is perceived to be better. This cordless pocket tool provides the ideal power to use for any kind of surface or material plus will also enhance the way power tools are used since it is lighter than most cordless power drills and fasteners. You can carry this tool literally in your pocket or placed on your belt since it is very light.

But lighter does not mean that this Bosch power tool overlooks most features that are expected in a power drill. It can provide as much torque that is needed to drill holes into most complicated materials and since the tool is light, you can work around almost all impossible situations like overhead fastening, side drilling or fastening and work inside drawers and cabinets with ease.

Precision and efficiency are the most important factors of a power tool that most consumers are looking for these days and with so many power tools and cordless tools to choose from it is a pity that most consumers do not get everything they need. With the Bosch PS20-2A, precision is assured plus efficiency is always the utmost important feature which is also evident in most Bosch drills and power tools.
Bosch PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver
Bosch PS20-2A 12-Volt Max Pocket Driver Features

  • Weighs 4.4 pounds and measures 12.7 x 9.7 x 4.2 inches
  • A compact and cordless electric drill/driver
  • Provides over 100 in/lbs. of torque
  • Drill can hole up to ½ inch diameter
  • Can work with speeds up to 500 rpm
  • With a 10+ clutch system with maximum setting
  • Uses a 12 volt Lithium ion battery (Litheon batteries)
  • Batteries will fully charge in just 30 minutes, already at 85% capacity in just 15 minutes of charging.
  • Compact design that allows you to do complicated jobs especially difficult fastening jobs even when you are fastening something overhead.
  • Ergonomic design to provide comfort for long term uses
  • With a Clic-Change bit holder to change to bit into a ¼ inch hex shank
  • With a magnetized chuck
  • With motor break features
  • With an LED light so you can work in low lighting conditions
  • Is very small so it can fit in your pocket, tool pocket or tool belt
  • Comes with a ProVantage Guarantee that provides a 3-year protection plan, 2 years for battery protection and 1 year tool protection. The ProVantage Guarantee assures owners that they will receive two years of free battery replacements, one year tool replacements and free tool repair for the 2nd and the 3rd year.
  • Purchase comes with two 12 volt batteries, a convenient 30- minute charger, two 1.5 inch drill bits and a soft carrying case.

Bosch a household name in power tools

Definitely when you mention or hear Bosch, you are guaranteed of precision quality. It has been a tried and tested household name in power tools for residential and even for commercial use. The Bosch PS20-2A will hopefully be a pocket drill/ driver that will serve homeowners and contractors for years to come.

Advantages of using the Bosch PS20-2A

  • Possibly the most important advantage of the Bosch PS20-2A is its weight. It is light which makes it an ideal tool for most home DIY projects. You can take this tool wherever you need to go and in whatever tight corner or complicated location and still manage to fasten or drill. Being light also reduces the tools strain to your hands, wrists and lower arms which are common in heavy power tools.
  • This Bosch power tool is also very safe; it has a built-in cell protection discharge that guards the batteries and the unit from overheating. There is also a motor break feature that stops the motor completely should you need to anytime you are working on a project.
  • This power tool also has an ergonomic grip which prevents added strain on the wrist and hands; even when the tool is light excessive use usually strains and pains the wrist. An ergonomic handle will lessen and even totally prevent any pain especially for contractors and woodworkers who use power tools frequently.
  • Results are more reliable and you can be sure that when the battery is completely charged it will drive 100 three-inch screw sizes as well as drill holes without losing power. Batteries are very reliable and will never let you down especially during difficult projects and woodworking jobs.
  • Being cordless makes the Bosch PS20-2A a perfect tool for any outdoor woodworking project. You will never have to worry about power cords, power strips and extensions anymore plus with the drill’s efficient 12 volt battery pack you can do more with just one charge.
  • Finally, what a thoughtful way to enhance your drilling and fastening work than to add an LED work light! You can now see your work even when there is less natural light or when you are working in tight places. LED lights consume less power and are brighter than incandescent bulbs.

Disadvantages of using the Bosch PS20-2A

  • The batteries of any power tool definitely last depending on the way the tool is used. However there are several complaints of the Bosch PS20-2A’s battery failing within a year even when the tool was hardly used. This is where Bosch’s battery guarantee comes handy. This model is assured of 2 years of battery replacements.
  • Another con of this purchase is the price. Most who have brought it said that they would never purchase this model again since it was costly should their current purchase breaks in the future. However if this was offered in a reduced price, probably they would reconsider. This power tool is sold online for $122.34.

Overall, the Bosch PS20-2A is an ideal power tool that could be handy in more ways than one. It being lightweight and ergonomically designed makes it a tool that will prevent injuries that are common in people who uses heavy power tools. This pocket power tool is a bit pricey but the features certainly make up for the hefty price.

Bosch PS20-2A
$122.34 from Amazon

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