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Bosch CS20 Circular Saw Review

The Bosch CS20 Circular Saw uses a 15 AMP motor that is very powerful. It uses a cord system that is direct connect which will not require you for any end plug, and at the same time aids in your easy cord repairing and easy storage for the tool. It has a bevel and depth levels that are both adjustable. Its line of sight is unmatchable which ensures that the cutting is always accurate. It uses a bevel detent system which is responsible for its fast adjustment on cutting angles which are common and is usually 45 and 22.5 degrees.
Bosch CS20
Bosch CS20 Circular Saw Features

  • 15 AMP motor that is powerful
  • Cord system that is direct connect
  • Bevel that is adjustable
  • Depth levers that are adjustable
  • Line of sight that is unmatched
  • System known as bevel detent

The Bosch CS20 Circular Saw is 15 AMP 7-1/4 inch circular saw which has direct connect includes a high-output motor which is so powerful and a roller bearing and professional grade ball construction which are some of its features. This 5500 RPM saw can cut between the following: 1-7/8 inches at 45 degrees, 2-7/16 inches at 90 degrees and 1-5/8 inches at 50 degrees.

The tool uses a footplate that is made from aluminium which is responsible for ensuring that you will have a cutting surface that is stable which is being used by the lightweight saw which actually weighs at only 10.3 pound. Some of the other features of the Bosch CS20 Circular Saw are its handle that is soft-grip which adds to your comfort, a built-in wrench storage which is located in the tool’s body, a saw hook that is built-in which is used a storage for the saw and adds convenience to you so that you don’t have to think of where to store the saw, and the dust blower which is built-in to the tool which can aid to your control with the dust particles.

The Bosch CS20 Circular Saw also features a line-of-site that can be used in order to provide you with a clearer visibility with what you are doing. This prevents obstructions from preventing you to see what you are doing which adds to the increased level of your performance. The tool has a bevel capacity of 56 degree which includes positive dents which are 46 degrees and 22.5 degrees.  It uses a Universal Direct Connect cord management system which is one of its innovative features which has the capability of preventing different dilemmas such as damaged cords, repairing of cords and snags from happening.

Included in the package is a 15 AMP 7-1/4 inch of circular saw that has direct connect, a carbide tooth blade which includes a total of 24 tooth, a wrench and a tool bag which can be used in the job site.

The Bosch CS20 Circular Saw has a composite footplate which is of high strength which is responsible for the tool’s flatness and durability which are unmatched. The saw hook is also adding to the convenience of owning this tool, as you can use it in order to place your saw when you need to store them or put them in between cuttings. Its depth levers and bevels which are both known to be adjustable is adding to the consistent locking which we all need for added safety and convenience. Its lower guard is known to prevent snagging from happening. Its soft grip is textured making it easier for you to hold the saw which also will help in the prevention of the saw from slipping through your hands.

The Bosch CS20 Circular Saw’s end cap is removable that are serviceable and easy brushes. It also uses a 22 AMP switch that is heavy duty. It also uses a spindle lock for added protection.

The Bosch CS20 Circular Saw is being sold in Amazon where you can choose from their stocks of brand new and used ones. They offer a one-day shipping in case that you will need this tool the soonest time. There is also an option for free shipping as long as you can meet their requirements which you can find in their website. If you want to give this as a gift, you can ask them to be gift wrapped as well.

Bosch CS20
$116.95 from Amazon

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