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Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator Review

The Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator presents a number of helpful features wrapped in a sleek, modern design that is highly attractive and versatile. Consumer Reports gave this model high marks for its quality, although it has had a reported number of issues with some internal components.

This Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator review will show the features, conveniences and issues that face this particular model. What must be noted from the start is the highly attractive “designer” look to the refrigerator at a price that is remarkably competitive for such a unit.

Still, the emphasis is on bringing a modern, sleek design to the refrigerator to help compliment a modern kitchen. Inside where it really counts, the Bosch B22CS30SNS has a number of high quality features that are certain to grab the attention of those looking for more than just a good looking exterior to a refrigerator.
Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator
Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator Features

  • Spill-proof shelves that are space optimized for maximum capacity
  • MultiAirflow & Duel Evaporators so food stays fresher, longer no matter where it is stored inside
  • Humidity controlled crisper for fresher produce
  • Full-Extension drawers for easy access
  • High-end interior and medal door handle for modern appearance
  • Fridge modeled to have “built-in” look

One of the more noticeable features is the frameless exterior which keeps filtered water and ice dispensed in either crushed or cube form on the outside. This convenience is well appreciated, however it has been noted that wider mouth glasses work best when collecting the crushed ice as it has a tendency to spray out beyond the lip of a thinner mouth glasses.

The MultiAirflow & Duel Evaporators are very well designed and help overcome the problems of “warm” and “cold” spots inside the refrigerator where some foods will either not keep properly because they are too warm or suffer from freezer burn because they are too cold, especially if they are not protected in the right manner.

The humidity controlled crisper is an especially nice touch considering how not all crispers are alike. All too often, crispers will allow in too much humidity and will ruin lettuce or other items that need less moisture in the air. By having separate humidity controls, this allows the crisper to be set at the correct level and keep items crisp.

The full extension draws are very nice, allowing for oddly shaped items to fit in fully without having to break them up or take up more shelf space than necessary. Plus, the full extension allows for very easy access to the back of the drawers, which means that food that might be forgotten in the back is seen and can be retrieved when needed.

The spill-proof shelves are robust and deep, allowing for items to be stored in depth and offering more interior room many other refrigerators of similar size. Plus, the full extension drawers are perfect for oddly sized items which often have difficulty fitting into many other types of refrigerators.

Energy Savings

The Bosch B22CS30SNS is an Energy Star qualified appliance which means it is designed to use less electricity that models of similar sizes. The advantages of having an energy-saving refrigerator almost goes without saying, especially since the refrigerator is the biggest power user of all the appliances in the kitchen. A fridge that works on less power means that the electric bill is lower month after month, especially when combined with other energy saving appliances which can really take a chunk out of the electric bill.

Advantages of Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator

The counter space, while divided up neatly provides great depth and can hold a considerable amount of food. The layout of the counter space is intuitive and very ergonomic in placing items where they should be for storing and removal. Furthermore, the temperature controls are very precise and provide proper humidity values for all parts of the interior as well.

The LED lighting in the back is also convenient for spotting items that might be hidden away in rear of the shelves. Plus, the stainless steel design is quite attractive and presents a “fitted-in” look which augments the décor of the kitchen. For modern kitchens, this is an important feature since it adds to the look of the kitchen in ways that go beyond simple decoration.

The “fitted-in” look along with the stainless steel exterior helps create a modern, sleek kitchen design that is perfect for those looking at updating the look of their kitchens. Add to this the easy maintenance of stainless steel, which resists stains and retains its shiny finish for many years and you have plenty of happy customers who speak highly of this product.

Disadvantages of Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator

There is little secret that the Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator has been plagued with series of issues, one of the main ones concerning the compressor which has shown a tendency to make noise when in operation. When the item is delivered, it is recommended that it be set up quickly and run to see if there are immediate issues that can be addressed.

According to numerous consumer complaints, the noisy compressor does seem to be an issue with the particular parts used in its construction rather than a design flaw itself. Some consumers have nothing but high praise for this particular Bosch refrigerator and find it to be very quiet. However, there have been enough complaints to warrant concern about this particular issue.

Also, the ice dispenser has issues with crushed ice as it tends to flow out in many different directions and not just downward. Many customers have complained about this apparent flaw in design, though most only find it a minor annoyance which can be solved by using a single, wide mouthed cup to catch all the ice, then fill whatever glass you want to put the beverage.

All in all, the Bosch B22CS30SNS Side by Side Refrigerator is a solid model that has both its fans and detractors, but the overall performance of the unit for most people has been of a quite, durable and elegantly designed model that works for many years.

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