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Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw Review

The Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw is another Bosch creation to consider adding to your collection. This saw comes with a very well-thought out design. It comes with an all-metal bevel lock lever and range selector and a large 22-3/4-inch base with integrated base extensions. It also has two tall 4-inches by 10-inch speed-track sliding fences as well as ten exclusive wedge and slot miter detents. This Bosch Miter saw package includes a dust bag, premium 60-tooth thin-kerf carbide-tipped blade, a wrench set and a tool-free vertical work clamp. This tool is also backed by a manufacturer’s limited one-year warranty.
Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw
Product Features

The Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw is also a fully-featured tool that contains features such as:

  • A 15 amp motor. This feature contributes to the power that this saw possesses. This excellent feature allows you to make powerful cuts easily and quickly.
  • An upfront lock level and range selector knob. This feature is also an ideal feature because it gives this saw the ability to access bezel settings easily in order to make sure that you are making precise and accurate cuts only.
  • Bezel settings. This feature contributes to the convenience this saw delivers. This feature allows you to change settings quickly and easily according to your preference. Once you are finished with one cut and you want to make another cut, you can easily change the settings with this feature. This feature is also responsible for this saw’s ability to create varying cuts on your projects.
  • A miter detent override. This feature is excellent as it allows holding the detent lever away from the table so that you are given more control over this machine and make sure that the material you are working with would come out like you expect it to be.
  • A moveable handle. This saw also features a movable handle which is a great feature that allows you to work without straining your hands since you can move the handle into a position you are comfortable with.
  • An electric brake. This feature allows you to stop the saw when you need to make quick and repetitive cuts.
  • A premium 72-tooth carbide-tipped blade that’s durable and ready for action.
  • The sliding extensions. This feature allows the expansion up to 37-1/4 inches total in length for added comfort and convenience to the user.
  • A handy tool-free clamp. A feature that is good for securing the object to the base.
  • A dust bag for a cleaner working area.

Product Review

The Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw is another proof that Bosch makes the best and the mightiest tools. This miter saw totally makes a good replacement for your poorly-crafted saw in your tool collection. This miter saw never fails to be of help with the projects you are currently doing because it has more abilities than any other miter saw out there. You’ll find it accurate and easy to use, so accomplishing your projects on time and perfectly, is never a difficult task.

If you are worried about the cuts that this saw can make, you can stop worrying because with this saw, the cuts are right on and completely accurate no matter how small or big. In other words, all the cuts that this saw make are perfect, which makes this miter saw amazing. Aside from perfect cuts, making cuts with this thing is about as effortless as it gets because of its very smooth cutting. It cuts clean square lines and the adjustments are very easy to maneuver and lock in place, which is an advantage to you. This will save you time and effort when working on your project, allowing you to meet your deadlines.

If you are also worried about the saw’s build, there is also no need to worry because this miter saw is considered a saw of quality and durability. The saw is sturdy, well designed and easy to use. The blade is actually a very good quality item that cuts cleanly in all types of wood. This makes this Bosch miter saw an outstanding product, well- built and very easy to operate. This gives you the peace of mind that despite the wear and tear, this saw will remain in good shape and condition.

Some factors that allow you to easily carry the saw around are comfortable handling and portability which are factors that this saw possesses. In fact, this saw’s good handling and portability makes this tool a definite consideration for any tradesman. Working on your project will definitely be hassle-free with this thing.

Of course, you are also looking for power when it comes to saws. Well, this Bosch miter saw is powerful enough to meet your project’s needs and even with such great power, there’s no kick when the motor spins up and it brakes almost instantly when you let go of the trigger.

However, this saw is not really a lightweight saw. In fact, it is kind of a heavy saw, weighing 70 pounds, so it may also be a hassle to carry around even if it is portable. There are also other minor issues when it comes to convenience such as the insufficient dust bag and inconvenient blade changes.  But when it comes to the heaviness issue, it is worth it because it is solidly constructed with excellent power. And even with some of the other minor convenience issues, you wouldn’t see anything else in this price range that comes close to the same build quality of this saw. So, this still makes this Bosch miter saw well worth the money considering the price of most side miter saws out there and you could still say that buying this saw means money well spent.

Overall, this Bosch 4310 Slide Miter Saw is an excellent addition to your tool collection indeed. It’s one of the best buys in the market nowadays that you would consider a pleasing purchase, which is why a lot of customers who have bought this product were happy with it. It is also no wonder why this is one highly recommended miter saw.

Bosch 4310
$529.99 from Amazon

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