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Bosch 4100 Table Saw Review

Bosch is a well renowned and trusted name in the world of tools and accessories. They have a wide range of table saws that are highly desired by all the woodworkers and contractors. One of the main features of their table saw range is the fact that almost all of them are highly portable. So, it is very easy for a carpenter or a contractor to carry it from site to site without any hassle. The new Bosch 4100 is the successor of the old Bosch 4000 table saw with a lot of new features and design change. The main focus of the new Bosch 4100 is the safety of the user and ease of use.
Bosch 4100 Table Saw
Bosch 4100 features

  • Gives you maximum trueness as it comes with squarelock rip fence
  • Comes with a durable sub-base for handling rough use and increases tool life
  • It has integrated carry handle for additional portability
  • Gives you consistent accuracy with single point bevel movement
  • Comes with one year warranty and service contract
  • Powerful 15 amp motor with 3650 rpm
  • 25 inches capacity to rip
  • 5/8 arbor size
  • 13/16 inch dado capacity
  • The blade can move from 0 to 90 degrees and can cut 3 1/8 inches at 90 and 2 ¼ at 45 degrees
  • It has 29×21.5 inch cutting table
  • The weight of the saw with stand is 99 pounds
  • It comes with a lot of accessories such as smart guard system, square lock rip fence, T slot milter gauge, etc.

Highly portable

As mentioned before, all the Bosch table saws are desired by the users because of their portability. It becomes very difficult for a woodworker to carry a heavy table saw everywhere unless it is portable. That is why they have designed this table saw in such a way that you can take it almost anywhere without any kind of extra hassle. The weight of the table saw is only 39lbs which makes it one of the lightest table saws in the market. Moreover, with the integrated handle, you can easily take it out of your truck and put it back in. That is not all, however. The table saw comes with 8 inch treaded pneumatic wheels that makes navigating this table saw very easy. Also, the gravity rise stand makes it very easy to set up this saw for work and take it down after work effortless. So, all in all, this is one of the best table saw when it comes to portability.

Cutting precision

Cutting precision is very important for woodworkers as they have to handle some of the most complicated and intricate work in the industry. The new Bosch 4100 10 inch table saw will offer you a very precision cutting experience with its highly powerful 15 amp, 4 HP motor. You will be able to cut up to 3 1/8 inches every time at 90 degree angle with its 3650 rpm motor. You can also choose from the optional range between -2 to 47 degree bevel angle or up to 13/16 of an inch for dados. This saw will give you a wide range of cutting options with its 5/8 inch arbor. The constant response electronics will assure you a constant and even speed even when the machine is under heavy load. It also has a soft start feature that allows the user to have a nice and clean cut every time. The user can handle large objects with ease as the saw comes with a large 29×21.5 inch cutting surface. The addition of the squarelock rip fence will ensure that you can cut any material with the optimum accuracy and it is can also be handle very easily with only one hand when you need to make cuts that needs constant measurements.

The Power Switch

The power switch of this saw is located on the bottom left of the front side of the saw for convenience and safety. It is very easy to reach while operating the saw. You will have to pinch the sides of the switch and pull up for switching it on. This is done to prevent the user from tuning it on by mistake and causing an accident. The power switch also has a hole that can be used with a padlock to prevent any unauthorized use of this machine.


Accidents are very common when it comes to handling table saws. There are over 60,000 accidents associated with table saws every year in the US alone. That is why it is very important that you buy a table saw that will not only give you the best performance but also ensure the safety of the user. Thankfully, the new comes with so many advanced safety features that make it one of a kind in its league. The various components of the safety feature of this saw includes

  • Riving knife
  • Anti-kickback pawls
  • Smartguard system

The nature of all these safety features is modular and each of the element can be installed and moved very fast. This means that the users are going to actually use these safety features more often. All these safety features and the ease of using them make this saw one of the most safety table saws in the market.

The riving knife: This piece of equipment is mounted on the same assembly as the blade armature but works as a splitter. As a result, this will move up and down as you adjust the height of the blade. This also pivots with the blade for bevel cuts. It is designed in such a way that it prevents any woods getting caught on the back side of the blade which can cause dangerous kickbacks by keeping the kerf open.

The smartguard system: This feature is completely tool free. You can install it or remove it form the saw in an instant. It is clipped to the riving knife securely so that it can move along with the blades height and angle. The metal centre section is shaped like a tuning fork and acts as the main body of the smart guard system. It is situated above the blade of the saw. The design of this system prevents any kind of direct contact with the blade and also does not constrict the view of the blade while it is cutting. The blade guards are attached to the left and right side of the chassis. These guards can move independently giving a better protection to the user than any other design.

Anti-kickback pawls: These parts are also clipped to the back end of the riving knife. These parts are there to give the user some extra security from materials thrown back at the user. Like any other safety element, these can be removed very quickly as well.

Pros and cons of the Bosch 4100

Although most users favor this model of table saw, there are some users who think otherwise. Here are some pros and cons of this table saw


  • Unique safety features
  • Superior portability
  • Consistent cutting experience


  • A little expensive for some people
  • Little bulky to some users when compared with other portable models

All in all, the Bosch 4100 table saw is one of the best table saws currently in the market. The combination of precision and unique safety feautures makes this table saw one of a kind.

Bosch 4100
$529.99 from Amazon

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