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Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction Saw Review

Wormdrive saws have the reputation of being heavy duty options for cutting materials that are too challenging to cut using other construction saws. This is why, when it comes to construction, wormdrive saws like the Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction Saw is one of the most highly preferred saws in the construction industry.
Bosch 1677MD
Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction Saw Features

  • Direct Connect system
  • 50-degree bevel capacity
  • Rear handle design
  • Magnesium body
  • Easy serviceable brushes
  • Wormdrive gear train and all ball bearing motor
  • 15 amp motor
  • anti-snag lower guard
  • built-in saw hook
  • positive stop at 45 degrees
  • weighs 14 pounds
  • measures 18.5 x 8 x 7 inches

Durability and Cord Convenience

Since construction is a very strenuous industry as it requires heavy duty tasks, a good saw is needed. This is where wormdrive saws come in. Among the many wormdrive saws, the Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction saw fits the criteria because of its guaranteed durability brought about by its magnesium body. In fact, even its weight is proof enough that this is a solid and sturdy tool. It is not made of cheap parts which is why it is truly a wormdrive for construction tasks.

What makes this Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive different is also its Direct Connect system feature. This means that the saw has no cord but it has a receptacle wherein one can directly connect an extension cord in order to be plugged and started. There is an advantage with cordless saws like this saw because it contributes to easy storage as there is no annoying cord that makes storing it more complicated.

If there are two things that are required in construction saws, it is durability and convenience and a wormdrive construction saw that can offer these two factors is definitely the right saw for construction.

Pros of Using the Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction Saw

  • It is a very powerful saw.
  • The blade guard has a lip that will retract it while making bevel and miter cuts.
  • It comes with a well-made base plate made of very strong magnesium.
  • It comes with a Direct Connect System wherein there is an extension cord receptacle that takes the place of a power cord. This is a convenient feature as it doesn’t put the saw out of commission even if one happens to saw through the cord on accident.
  • This saw cuts smoothly.
  • It comes with handy cord replacement and setup.
  • It comes with impressive fit and finish.
  • It has a larger line of sight between the blade and forward part of the shoe.
  • This saw is easier on the wrists and shoulders. It is not stressful to use.
  • This saw is powerful enough to handle everything. It can saw through wood, masonry and corrugated plastic as well as it can be used to rip and cut wood on a consistent basis.
  • It is a safe saw because it does not have frequent kick backs and has a vari-torque clutch that contributes to safety.
  • Maintaining this saw is very easy because changing the oil only takes a few minutes and only needs to be done once or twice a year, depending on how much the saw is used.

Cons of Using the Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction Saw

  • The extension cord housing is a little flawed and the shape of the body for the replacement plug is a bit challenging to work with as it’s too small for many extension cords.
  • It comes with thin kerf blades that are dangerous and perform extremely poorly.
  • It has a poor cut visibility when leaned over to 45 degrees.
  • It has a weak 45 degree stop as it does not stop it firmly at 45.
  • The base plate has the tendency to interfere with the guard retractor handle.
  • It is a heavy and bulky saw.
  • It requires maintenance in order to make this saw outlast any other saws.

Overall, the maintenance requirement of the Bosch 1677MD Wormdrive Construction Saw may prove to be inconvenient for busy people. But since maintenance is only required once or twice a year, it is not really that inconvenient. Its weight is also one thing that compromises convenience. However, for those who value durability of the saw, its weight only proves that it is good value for the money.

Bosch 1677MD
$199.99 from Amazon

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