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BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Review

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is a stroller aimed for parents who are fund of going on walks and jogging and want to take their baby with them. This stroller is considered a thing of ultimate comfort because almost all of the features incorporated in this stroller are aimed for the comfort of the baby inside this stroller. This is exactly the type of stroller that travelers and joggers are raving about as it is not only something they could use to keep their baby comfortable, but it is also something that would suit their lifestyle. It’s an adventure type of stroller what with its three wheels, ready to explore the outdoors. It is truly created for joggers and created for babies whether they are sleeping in it or not.
BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller
BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller Features

  • Swiveling front wheel
  • two rear wheels
  • two-step folding, lightweight frame
  • adjustable suspension system
  • Accessory adapter
  • Padded seat
  • five-point padded harness
  • adjustable reclining seat
  • two-position shock absorbers
  • easy to clean and stain resistant fabric
  • two interior pockets and a seat-back pocket
  • a hanging basket
  • a multi-position canopy
  • Capacity: 70lbs
  • Color: Orange
  • Weight: 23lbs
  • a limited five-year warranty on the frame
  • a limited one-year warranty on the small parts and fabric

The Comfort and Convenience Factor

Revolution is comfortable and convenient because of several reasons. One is because of its two modes; the walk and jog mode. If walk mode is chosen, the front wheel swivels and if the jog mode is chosen, the front wheel is locked into position and stays straight. Choosing these modes only require a simple press of the red knob on the front wheel. The adjustable reclining seat is fabulous as it allows the baby to sleep comfortably. The sun shade is also a comfortable and convenient feature as it allows the baby to sleep comfortably outdoors by keeping him or her protected from the heat of the sun. The two-step folding, lightweight frame makes it easy for this stroller to be carried or stored. This stroller is also complete with all necessary pockets that allow parents to put important items such as keys, feeding bottles and other things the baby needs even on the go.

The Quality Factor

The BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is created with first rate construction since the fabric used is high quality as well as the frame is not made with cheaper materials that can easily be crushed. Its frame is made from strong aluminum alloy so that even if it can be folded, it has the strength so it won’t easily be crushed. Aside from the fabric and the frame, this stroller also features two rear wheels that are wide and sturdy so even if they roll through rough and tough roads, they are guaranteed to keep intact and n good shape. With features like the wheels, the fabric and the frames all made in high quality materials, this makes BOB Revolution a truly impressive, study and well-built stroller.

The Performance Factor

Revolution is truly a revolutionary product in terms of performance because it rides very smooth for jogging, and handles off road surface well when walking. This is owing to its great-performance swivel front wheels and very sturdy rear wheels. This stroller is not impossible to love because of its easy steering that pushes like a dream. In other words, even if this weighs heavier than plastic stroller when carried, it is much easier to push than a plastic stroller. It may not be a convenient stroller in terms of weight but it is convenient when it comes to performance. It features an easy brake system that can be activated using the foot to put the stroller into a halt. In other words, whether the stroller is on the go or stopping, its performance is incomparable to other strollers being considered in the market.

The Safety Factor

This Revolution Stroller comes with two modes, which is the walk and jog mode. This is a safety feature because it keeps the baby safe beside the parents whether they are walking or jogging. It allows the stroller to keep in step with the movement of the parents. There is a wrist strap on the handle to be used when jogging and it is mainly used to prevent the stroller from getting away if you happen to lose your grip. Plus, this stroller also comes with a five-point padded harness that not only keeps the baby secure and locked in place but also ensures that the harness is comfortable enough and won’t hurt the baby.

Pros and Cons of the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller

For parents who are living an active lifestyle, the Revolution SE Single Stroller is the most popular stroller. Here are some of the pros and cons of this product according to the user’s perspectives:


  • It is a great space saver as it takes up less room in the trunk.
  • The wrist strap keeps the baby beside you at all times, safe and secure even if you are walking or jogging.
  • It is easy to use because it comes with a very clear and well illustrated manual.
  • It is comfortable for the baby even outdoors because of its sun shade.
  • It promotes bonding with your baby since you can take him or her with you while jogging or walking.
  • It is a very good quality stroller.


  • The wrist strap which is supposed to be a safety feature could actually be a hazard if you trip while jogging as it could flip the stroller too.
  • It is heavy so it’s not convenient if you would be carrying it around a lot.
  • The padding on the seat is not that soft to be comfy for the baby.
  • It may not be too pricey but because the accessories like the car seat, etc. are sold separately, they could ruin your budget.

Overall, the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller is the right stroller to purchase if you are a jogger or if you walk a lot. You will not only be able to maintain your lifestyle but you can also make your baby more comfortable and safe.

BOB Revolution SE Single
$313.33 from Amazon

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