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BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier Review

The BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier is very ideal for people who have allergies, other respiratory problems or asthma and even for those who are just simply conscious with their health who just wants to breathe clean air and those people who want to have the convenience of being able to control the quality of the air that is circulating inside their home.
Blueair 450E HepaSilent
BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier Features

  • Energy Star which is a 4-speed purifier and uses the HEPASilent Technology
  • Ability to change 5 airs on an hourly basis
  • Ideal for rooms which are up to a maximum of 365 square feet
  • Uses electronic sensors
  • Has active carbon filtration
  • Uses a filter media which can be recycled
  • Has auto mode and has timer functionality
  • Has digital display
  • Uses a remote control which is included in the package
  • Includes a warranty of up to 5 years
  • Product measurement is: 11 x 20 x 23 inches

The air purifier can be used in either a medium-sized living area at home or a bedroom that is large. It ensures that the monitoring and the purification of the air are continuous which is being made possible with the help of its automatic controls and electronic sensors. You just have to simply place the BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier on an automatic mode and it will regulate its speed on its own which is based on the definite amount of the gaseous contaminants and other particles that may be present in the air. It features a display which is digital that has the capability of indicating the status of the air that is present in the comfort of your own home.

The unit was designed in such a way that it will provide a maximum level of performance to rooms that are of medium sized. The design is Swedish which ensures that it is not only pleasing to the eye but at the same time is durable. The company who manufactured the BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier is known for the durability of each of their products. They are using galvanized steel which are powder coated in order to make sure that they are not only durable but is also protected from different types of contaminants that can be brought about by the environment, this ensures that chemical off gassing will never happen. The housing for the air purifier can be easily cleaned and will not be contaminated with any oily stains or grime which usually happens to plastics.

The BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier gets the air through its side. A fan which is part of the machine is responsible for the drawing of the air into the unit. The air can pass through an ion chamber which is where those particles which are airborne are being electrically charged with ions. Those charged particles which are being collected are then sent to the surface of the HEPASilent filter that it is using. Once the air was already purified and was deemed to be free from contaminants, it will then be distributed into the room from the other side of the unit. This process ensures that no ozone will be secreted, instead the unit makes sure that it will aid in the reduction of the level of the ozone at home.

This air purifier includes a particle filter which is a perfect choice for those people who are suffering from allergies and those people who are just conscious with their health. The BlueAir 450E HEPA Silent Air Purifier uses a polypropylene progressive filter which is of three stages which contains over a million of fibres which are ultra-thin. Each stage of this filter traps the harmful particles in a progressive manner. The different types of particles which can be filtered by this three stage polypropylene filter include pollen, allergens, dust, mold spores, pet dander, viruses and bacteria.

Its SmokeStop filter is a type of carbon filter that is progressive. It uses a structure which has a structure that is honeycomb type which has the capability of improving the flow of the air in the room. It also contains more than a hundred of carbon pellets which have the ability to absorb odour and gas.

BlueAir 450E
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