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Black & Decker CM1836 Review

Created to save you time and money, the Black & Decker CM1836 lawn mower gives you a better cut and longer run time than the average electric lawn mower. Part of that comes from the improved performance of the mower, and part of that comes from the fact that it is completely gas free. That means you don’t have to worry about pumping emissions into the atmosphere every time you need to get your grass cut. Fast, efficient, and fun to use, this Black & Decker law mower is definitely the one you’ll want when you need a new lawn mower.
Black & Decker CM1836
What Features Does The CM1836 Have?

Why choose the Black & Decker CM1836 as your next lawn mower? Outside of the fact that you can pick up this mulching or bagging mower for less than $350, there are several other features that make this lawn mower a tempting purchase:

  • you don’t need to change all the wheels to change the height of the mower – you simply pull one lever;
  • it is easy to fold the mower for upright or compact storage;
  • it mows quietly so you don’t have to worry about rattling your neighbor’s windows; and
  • with a turn of the key, it takes just one pull most of the time to start this mower.

With the ability to mow up to 1/3 of an acre on a single charge, you could potentially save up to 1 gallon of gas per lawn mowing session. For some families, that’s over 30 gallons per year, which could be $100 or more in fuel costs. That means in just three to four years, this lawn mower will literally pay for itself.

Are There Advantages To Owning the Black & Decker CM1836?

With an ergonomic handle, your wrists and forearms will feel less pressure and pain after a long lawn mowing session thanks to the Black & Decker CM1836. You can even mow through long grass with ease thanks to its amped-up power when compared to other similar mowers. In addition to these advantages, you may also enjoy:

  • the Energy Star rated charging design that saves you time and money during every recharge;
  • a very light design that makes this mower easy to use and move around; and
  • a wider deck at 18” than some other electric lawn mowers that may only be 14 inches.

Are There Disadvantages To Using the CM1836?

With the Black & Decker CM1836, the primary disadvantage is the fact that the battery isn’t removeable from the mower itself. That means you’ve got to charge the mower in the garage. There isn’t a battery level indicator included with the mower either, which means you may run out of charge before you’re done. It’s also not possible to adjust the mower height while mowing, which means stopping the mower to adjust heights. Overall, however, the CM1836 has many advantages that make it a superb purchase. If you need a new lawn mower and want to get rid of the gasoline costs and corresponding emissions, this lawn mower is the perfect opportunity to do just that and much more.

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