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Best Table Saw – DEWALT DW744XRS Review

The DEWALT DW744XRS will provide consistent motor power no matter what the demands would be. It is important that any industry has a powerful and reliable table saw since this is where all cutting and material preparation is done. In construction sites and other job sites where work demands are so huge, a table saw must be reliable and create consistent power day after day. Its powerful motor provides 15 amp of total efficiency; you may find other table saws but none can match the power of a DEWALT DW744XRS.
DEWALT DW744XRS Features

  • Measures 33.5 x 25.6 x 23.5 inches
  • Weighs just 58 pounds so you can tear it down and set up someplace else.
  • 10-inch jobsite table saw that can spin at a no-load speed of 3,650 rpm
  • With a powerful 15 amp motor, mix-rip capacity of 24 ½ inches
  • With a Site-Pro Modular Guarding System for tool-free adjustments
  • With a soft-start feature to reduce start-up torque
  • With a dust collection port
  • With a durable aluminium stand
  • Comes with a miter gauge, a push stick, a compact rolling stand and carbide blades
  • Comes with a three year limited warranty, one –year free service and a 90-day money back guarantee

Versatile and Convenient

Since this table saw has its own rolling stand and a very durable frame, it may be used anywhere you want it to. In a jobsite like a construction site, areas where workers use stable power equipment like table saws often move from one area to another and the DEWALT DW744XRS with a rolling stand or cart is definitely the best choice.

Another convenient feature are its telescoping fence rails, dust collection ports and an on board storage system helps you reduce the worries of making a mess and losing your tools. Everything you need is efficiently found inside the storage system plus you can carry them along without losing any tools at all.


There is nothing left to be said about DEWALT power tool brand except that this brand is known to be tough. It is the brand of choice by more and more business owners and jobsite supervisors since it is tough, reliable and offers high quality features. The DEWALT DW744XRS will hopefully be a part of your jobsite or a convenient table saw for all your DIY projects at home.

Advantages of Using The DEWALT DW744XRS

  • Tough and durable, it is worth the money you pay for. The table saw body is made of very durable material and will never fail even during the hardest jobsite projects. It may be used in construction areas or it may be a table saw that you are looking for at home. This saw will totally reduce time and effort in using a traditional saw.
  • The powerful motor makes the DEWALT DW744XRS more versatile. It provides 3,650 rpm power. You can do projects and work on any room of the house or it can be handy in any jobsite cutting and splicing different sizes and lengths of wood. This table saw is easy to use with safety fence rails to make adjustments more efficient and accurate. The fence rails have a telescoping design that allows the rail to move so it can accommodate full sheets of wood or other types of material. When you are done, simply retract the table saw back into place so you can transport it easily.
  • Very little but important features. The machine has a rolling stand plus an on board storage area where you can store all the tools and small equipment you need to work. Simply place all the things you need here and roll the DEWALT DW744XRS to the area you want to work on.
  • This machine will help you save on renting table saws. Most consumers and business owners fear that buying their own table saws will only leave a hole in their wallets; this is of course untrue. You may need to dish out several hundreds of dollars for high quality saw like the DEWALT DW744XRS but afterwards you will save up on the cost of tools and materials. You will definitely save money instead of renting equipment.
  • The DEWALT DW744XRS is easy to set up; all you need to do is to follow the convenient instruction manual that comes with the unit and afterwards you are ready to use this saw.

Disadvantages of Using The DEWALT DW744XRS

There are only a few disadvantages with the DEWALT DW744XRS and the most common one was that most thought that the rolling cart that this table saw have is very inappropriate and just adds to the weight of the table saw. Most who brought the saw also bought a saw stand or a rolling miter saw stand to set the equipment up. These made the saw more practical to use and less bulky compared to attaching it to a rolling cart.

Finally the price of the DEWALT DW744XRS. Many thought that at $600 online this table saw was really very expensive. There are several table saws that have the same features and specs that only cost a fraction of this DEWALT model. However, as experts say: there is no price to amazing quality and this is what the DEWALT DW744XRS has.

Overall, the DEWALT DW744XRS has impressive features that make it ideal equipment in jobsites no matter what industry they may be in. And because of these features, this table saw is indispensable equipment that will provide excellent results every time. It also has safety features and specs that will help users feel at ease using it in any industry and of course to be used at home as well.

The DEWALT DW744XRS may be a little over priced but this is expected in a high quality brand that offers so many features that matters. Its ability to be transported easily from one area to another is also a helpful feature as well. All in all this is a well recommended piece of equipment.

$599.00 from Amazon

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