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Best Price Mattress 10″ Memory Foam Mattress Review

There are many things to take into consideration if and when you go to purchase a new mattress these days, and just the variety, size and types can be very confusing. Singles, doubles, queens, kings and even the California king just to start with. Then we have everything from waterbeds, air mattress, mattress and box spring combo .to the ever more popular foam mattresses. Even with foam the foam mattress, there are several types out there nowadays.

So let’s take a look at one of these new styles of mattress. The 10” memory foam mattress by Best Price Mattress. This particular mattress comes in three sizes, full, twin, and queen and all three use a standard setup. Therefore, you would normally start with a platform metal style base, which would be purchased separately. Now comes the Mattress itself that in this case starts with a 5-inch base of high density foam followed by 3 inches of super soft foam and then topped with 3 inches of memory foam. This particular memory foam has been infused with green tea and charcoal for odor control. Placed over the top of the memory foam is a comfort Jacquard cover.
Best Price Mattress 10 Memory Foam Mattress
One of the biggest advantages about memory foam is the way it eliminates pressure points by conforming to your body. This creates even distribution of your body’s weight over your entire length and brings that floating on a cloud feeling. One of the things that is looked at to determine a mattresses effectiveness is the base and this mattress starts with 5 inches of high density foam. The consensus is that while another inch or two of this material would be better, 5 inches does the trick just fine. With 2 inches of soft foam sandwiched between the high density foam and the actual memory foam, this provides more than adequate cushion for the memory foam to do its job. As for the 3 inches of Memory Foam itself, 3 inches is more than enough to take care of most people’s needs. The Poly Jacquard cover speaks for itself and is pretty standard in the industry.

Density and softness are two words that are used when discussing memory foam and these can be a bit confusing. Density is used to describe the actual weight of the material while softness is used to describe the materials (indentation force deflection) or IFD. While this Best Price Mattress 10″ Memory Foam Mattress description does not label these two factors, by reading the information it would appear that they both are somewhere in the middle. There has been lots of discussions about open cell versus closed cell in the manufacturing of memory foam and this topic usually has to do with the materials ability to dissipate heat. You might wonder why this is important and in most cases it is not. When foam gets below 60 degrees it gets more rigid while going above 90 degrees it becomes more gooey like and thereby losing its bounce back ability. So for most of us this is not even an issue because we keep our bedrooms well within that temperature range.

So back to the question of just how this Best Price Mattress 10″ Memory Foam Mattress stacks up against the competition. It really boils down to price more than anything, and for that reason alone it should rate as an excellent buy. Most mattresses that are similar in construction are 3 to 4 times the money and while they have an expensive label sewed into them; it does not mean they are a better buy. If you consider that the price for this setup is most likely less than a conventional mattress and box spring, you would be very hard pressed to find a better deal than this one.

Most of the reviews that have been written about Best Price Mattress 10″ Memory Foam Mattress, at least by the people who actually purchased one, have been either 4 or 5 stars and this only emboldens the general consensus about this particular mattress. So as far as customer satisfaction once again it would have to receive an excellent rating. It would appear that most people were more than happy with their purchase and that they have taken the time to write a review speaks volumes about this or any product.

Once you have received your mattress and have unpacked it, you will find that it is going to take about a full 1 to 2 days to fully expand to the 10 inches. The colder the room temperature the longer this may take so turning up the thermostat for that first day or so will speed up this process. Most people found that once the packaging was removed, it was moderately hard to get it into position but once they did it was ready to sleep on in very short order. Just remember that it might not be fully inflated so to speak for at least the first 24 hours or so.

While there was not enough time to find out about Warranty and return information we always would recommend that you do your own research into these areas to ensure what fits best for you. It would be nice if this type of information would be up front and easy for everyone to find but unfortunately it is not. So please take the time to do your own research when comparison shopping.

Over all we would give this product 10” memory foam mattress by Best Price Mattress an excellent rating and at the advertised price, it would be a very wise purchase for most everyone who is searching or looking to buy a new bed. Nowhere could we find a better buy when taking into consideration, price, product, and customer satisfaction.

So for those of you that have taken to the internet and do a lot of shopping there are benefits.  When you take into consideration the cost of gas, and the time it takes to run around all the bed stores scattered around most towns, we would recommend that you take a hard look at this bed for your next Oh so comfortable night’s sleep.

Best Price Mattress
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