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Best Cordless Drill – DEWALT DCD970KL Review

DEWALT DCD970KLWeighs 6 pounds DEWALT DCD970KL Features

  • Measures 16.5 x 5.3 x 14.4 inches
  • Made in USA
  • With an 18-volt motor that provides 450 unit watts power
  • With a three-spaced transmission, three-speed settings 0 to 500, 0 to 1,250 and 0 to 2,000 rpm in drilling and different hammer drill mode
  • With a lightweight and compact design
  • With a convenient LED
  • With a 360 degree side handle for an easy grip
  • With A self-tightening chuck
  • Uses a trademarked XRP Extended-Life Battery System
  • Comes with a 90-day guarantee, a three-year limited warranty and one-year free service
  • Your purchase comes with a one-hour yellow lithium-ion charger, two XRP lithium-ion batteries with 18-volt, a 360 degree side handle and a convenient kit box.

Powerful motor

A hammer drill needs to have a powerful motor to get the job done and this is what the DEWALT DCD970KL offers to users. It has a very powerful motor that will ensure that it delivers 450 unit watts out when you need it. Perfect for hammering jobs on most strong surfaces. It even has a patented three-speed metal transmission that allows you to adjust the hammer and drill settings accordingly.

Maximum comfort

Handheld power tools are very handy but may be a pain in the arm, wrist and hand especially when you are using it for extended periods of time. The DEWALT DCD970KL has a well-designed comfortable ergonomic grip that reduces pain but will still ensure that you get accurate results each time.

Heavy duty for all types of jobs

Power tools especially power saws, drills and hammers must be very durable so that it will never fail any job. You can also use this hammer drill for most jobs anywhere around the house since it uses an extended-life battery which will always provide you maximum output no matter what the job is.

And as a tribute to the DEWALT DCD970KL’s quality, this product comes with an unbeatable money back guarantee and impressive warranty service.

DEWALT drills

DEWALT has been the leader in power tools made in the US. The yellow and black trademark of DEWALT is the symbol of strength, dependability and versatility. These have been the factors that most users have looked up on every DEWALT drill, hammer or saw; the DEWALT DCD970KL will surely be a perfect addition to your power tool collection that will provide countless hours of projects and DIY jobs satisfaction.

Advantages of the DEWALT DCD970KL

  • The DEWALT DCD970KL is one of the most powerful hand held drills and hammers that deliver optimum power output no matter what job you are doing. It is handy to use any situation since it is cordless; you may work without a power cord that will restrict your movements and the area you want to work. No more looking for power strips and extension cords now that you have a power hammer drill that will last for a long time.
  • You can reduce the possibility of any pain and strain that is common in handling a power tool since the DEWALT DCD970KL is lightweight and has an ergonomic handle design that reduces any pain that is often felt over the hand, wrist and lower arm. And since it weighs lighter than most drills, you can use it to work on difficult spaces and tight angles. A side handle comes with the purchase which allows you to hold the drill with two hands to reduce fatigue common in extended hours of drilling and hammering.
  • The convenient LED light offers better handling of your drilling or hammering jobs since it illuminates the area that you are working on. LED lights uses less power than other kinds of bulbs and will surely work no matter how often you use the drill.
  • You will enjoy longer hours of hammering and drilling with the DEWALT DCD970KL since it features an extended battery –time. You can also be sure that you will never wait too long to use this power tool since it has a one-hour fast charger that comes with your purchase.
  • This drill is very affordable at less than $300.00 online. With all the convenient features and specs many homeowners will surely rush to purchase the product. Amazon.com offers free shipping services that come with your purchase.
  • The DEWALT DCD970KL is very affordable despite its great features. This makes it an indispensable power tool for your workshop or for your company.

Disadvantages of the DEWALT DCD970KL

  • While many hobbyists and homeowners agree that this hammer drill is indeed a keeper, some are not very happy about the price. It is being sold for $299.00 online. Some who were apprehensive to buy because of the price said that it is too expensive for a small too and even for a tool to be used for hobbies and crafts. There are several hammer drill models that have the same features of specs but are technically cheaper that this drill.
  • There are several cases when the hammer drill’s chuck would fail even for less than a year of use and since these parts don’t last long, you need to replace this completely. A replacement chuck costs $90 or more which is definitely too expensive for a drill to be used only at home.
  • There are several reports of the battery failing however these were isolated cases. The battery power will of course depend on the type of job that you are doing and how old the unit is.

Overall, the DEWALT DCD970KL is a very strong drill for its size and weight; it can do pretty much any repairs and projects at home as well as light hammering and drilling work in a jobsite. It also has ergonomic features that will help reduce pain that is common in using large and heavy drills. It may be more expensive than a regular drill but then as experts on quality say: there is no price for high quality. This power tool is recommended for homeowners, expert hobbyists and contractors who would like a dependable and quality tool to use.

$299.00 from Amazon

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